Does the Bible Promote Socialism?

12:00PM 11/30/2021 Shawn A. Akers

Does the Bible Promote Socialism?

Watch this video. It might change your view on the subject.

Shawn A. Akers

Many Christians today have bought into the idea that socialism is the direction in which this country needs to be headed. Pastor Jack Hibbs, however, says there's no biblical foundation for that ideology.

In fact, the founder of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills in Chino Hills, California, says the very idea of socialism goes against everything the Bible teaches.

"The Bible calls it evil, quite frankly," Hibbs says. "Nowhere does the Bible acknowledge socialism as a good thing. Karl Marx, one of the fathers of modern-day socialism, used the book of Acts to argue for communal living under the rule of socialism. He cited that all the early believers in Jerusalem decided to sell all the things that each individually owned and make a common pot. You've all read that in the Bible, but guess what? Did God tell them to do that?

"He did not. They did it, and within a decade, the church in Jerusalem was starving to death. They had lost their properties, they lost their income, and the New Testament churches that were born by the apostle Paul in Asia Minor had to send money to the church in Jerusalem to sustain them. In a communal pot, everything evaporates. ...

"The book of Proverbs is replete with words of wisdom on how to get wealthy and have a sustained life. The Bible says the lazy man reaches over to the pot of the man who has something, and he is rebuked. What are you supposed to do with someone who will not work? It's a problem. What do you do with someone who is too lazy to work? Big problem. Today we reward laziness and exalt socialism and say everybody needs to have the same thing, that we need to penalize the guys that work hard and make the money. Do you think Barack Obama is going to give up his money? Do you think Oprah Winfrey will give up hers? Do you think Bill Gates is going to give it all up and become poor?

"Socialism has never worked anywhere ... What's wrong with our culture today is that lazy people want what the rich guy who has worked hard to get. They don't want to work for it. They want it handed to them. It's called entitlement, and entitlement is a sister to socialism. Welfare, as it is used today, is destroying the United States."

Watch the above video to hear more of Jack Hibbs' comments about the evils of Marxism and socialism.

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