Morning Rundown: Thrilling Performance of ‘Break Every Chain’ Takes ‘The Voice’ Audience to Church

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Thrilling Performance of ‘Break Every Chain’ Takes ‘The Voice’ Audience to Church

Singer Justin Aaron, 34, wowed “The Voice” fans this Monday night, Nov. 21, with his stunning performance of what has now become a gospel classic, Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s “Break Every Chain.” Not only did the performance thrill both live and television audiences, but, as the show revealed the following night, it moved him into a coveted Top 10 spot for Season 22. Judges Camila Cabello, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Aaron’s coach, Gwen Stefani, gave the singer a standing ovation.

Aaron, of Junction City, Kansas, where he leads worship at New Church of the Living God, told Stefani before the performance that the song “changed the trajectory of my life,” breaking the chains of depression and moving him into a place of freedom.

His friends back in Kansas, including his pastor and fellow church members, are cheering Aaron on as he advances toward the show’s finals. “It excites us, it excited the congregation, it makes us feel good about him, because he’s trying to do something to make his life better and we’re excited for him every step of the way,” his pastor, James Johnson, told KSNT of Junction City.

‘Stay Funky’: Comedian Sinbad Praises God in Recovery From 2020 Stroke

The family of comedian Sinbad released a statement updating fans about his road to recovery.

Sinbad became a star for his stand-up comedy specials, which led to several leading roles in movies including, “Houseguest” with Phil Hartman and the Christmas comedy “Jingle All the Way” alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Sinbad suffered an ischemic stroke on Oct. 25, 2020, the result of a blood clot that made its way from his heart up to his brain. This required him to undergo “a thrombectomy to remove the clot and restore normal blood flow to the brain,” his family posted on the website they run to keep fans updated on his situation.

What Can Churches Learn From Taylor Swift?

Let’s lay down our religious limitations on God and look at a pop culture phenomenon. We might find some epic clues on life, authenticity and even ministry. This phenomenon, she goes by the name Taylor Swift.

Anytime someone puts me in my place on social media, I don’t instinctively sing a popular worship song, I go straight to Swift’s “And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate … baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake shake…” Swift has defined “the hook” that draws us in and keeps us hearing that song in our head whether we like it or not.

This woman has taken the world by storm in the last few weeks, and while this isn’t the first time, this deluge is worth investigating. {eoa}

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