Morning Rundown: Tim Allen’s New Show ‘The Santa Clauses’ Already Driving the Left Crazy


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Tim Allen’s New Show ‘The Santa Clauses’ Already Driving the Left Crazy

Learning from their error with the movie “Lightyear,” Disney again cast outspoken conservative Tim Allen in his role as Santa Claus in the new Disney+ series, “The Santa Clauses.”

But it did not take long for the “Last Man Standing” actor to drive those on the left up a wall with one simple line.

When having a discussion as Santa Claus in one of the new series’ episodes, Allen is asked what is bothering him and he responds with, “Saying Merry Christmas to all has suddenly become problematic!”

Jonathan Cahn Reveals Latest Mystery That Lies Behind Wokeism in America

Is it possible that ancient entities known as the “gods” have returned to our world? Could they be the hidden agents transforming modern culture? Could the growing movement to curtail free speech in the West, whether in the form of political correctness, wokeism or cancel culture, be connected to the mystery of these gods?

Bestselling author Jonathan Cahn’s latest book, “The Return of the Gods,” outlines America’s turning away from God and identifies the dark entities that are at work at this very moment to transform the nation and Western civilization. Since the book’s release, “The Return of the Gods” hit No. 2 on the New York Times Best Sellers List—Cahn’s highest ranking ever—as well as No. 2 in the Hardcover Frontlist Nonfiction category on the Publishers Weekly bestsellers list, and No. 2 in nonfiction combined on the Wall Street Journal bestsellers list.

Cahn takes readers on a journey through time, beginning with the ancient entities known in the Bible as the shedim. The word shedim stands for the spirits and dark entities that lie behind the gods and idols of the pagan world.

Sharing the Gospel With Cannibal Tribes of Africa

It is no small feat to reach the remote tribes of Central Africa with the gospel. Brazilian missionary and pastor, Oséas Cardoso, began his missions work in Africa by taking a monumental risk that would endanger his life at every turn.

Pastor Cardoso was invited to share his live-giving message in Africa by an African who had been living in Brazil. He was warned by many that he would not survive. They told him he would be killed by the apes, if not the apes, the crocodiles, and if not the crocodiles, the hippos, and if not the hippos, the lions. Finally, they said if … if he made it past all that danger, he would be killed by the cannibal tribe.

Pastor Cardoso only arrived to the remote tribes of Africa after days of travel by car, on motorcycle, on foot, and by canoe. {eoa}

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