Morning Rundown: Pastor Greg Locke and Family Threatened by ‘Witchcraft-Practicing Psycho’


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Pastor Greg Locke and Family Threatened by ‘Witchcraft-Practicing Psycho’

Staying true to his convictions as a purveyor of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Pastor Greg Locke says he won’t let up on his duty to preach the truth, even in the face of what he called threats by “witchcraft-practicing psycho.”

The founder and senior pastor of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, Locke tweeted earlier this week that his family had been publicly threatened with death. He’s taken measures to protect his family.

“Extra security is at my home and a police report has been filed,” Locke tweeted. “Speaking truth makes enemies. I WON’T BE SILENT.”

Patricia King Delivers 4 Powerful Prophetic Words That Will Greatly Impact the Body of Christ in 2023

As a prophetic minister, Patricia King sees as one of her kingdom duties to send out words of encouragement to the body of Christ.

Recently, King says she received four prophetic visions that will give the body hope and enthusiasm to move into 2023 with confidence, knowing believers can trust the Lord and know that his Words will come to pass.

King revealed these four visions recently to the body:

3 More Prophetic Words to Navigate Changes in 2023

People around the world use the changing of a new year as an opportunity for change in their life. Some may try and hit the gym to lose weight or build muscle, while others relocate in changing of career paths. But what do Christians do when the Lord is changing the season they are in? Here are three prophetic words to help guide believers through their upcoming seasons of change in 2023!

Rabbi Curt Landry: 3 Steps Into God’s 2023 Prophetic Word, by Shelby Bowen

We sat down for an exclusive Charisma News interview with Rabbi Curt Landry who has felt a stirring from the Lord to share three ways you can start preparing yourself for what God has planned for you in the coming months.

In the interview Landry says emotional, spiritual and financial intelligence are key. {eoa}

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