Top of the Week: Beth Moore Apologizes on Behalf of Her Generation for Glorifying ‘Christian Celebrity Culture’


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Beth Moore Apologizes on Behalf of Her Generation for Glorifying ‘Christian Celebrity Culture’

American Evangelist Beth Moore took to Twitter to share regrets on behalf of her generation for promoting and glorifying the “Christian celebrity culture” that has spread like wildfire across the country.

Moore says many in her generation had good intent and a pure heart to see people come to know Jesus, but she believes there’s something people should know. “I think we made speaking and teaching and traveling, and certainly book publishing look glamorous,” she posted.

Moore continued to say she hasn’t met one person in the industry who found celebrity Christianity to be glorious or glamorous. She addressed the upcoming generation to set clear and realistic expectations for speakers, pastors and authors to come.

In the spiritual realm and even in the natural, there is an acceleration taking place at unprecedented rates. Between technological advances, the agenda of the enemy becoming more prevalent and revivals popping up throughout the world it’s crucial to understand what God is doing in this hour. We have been sitting down with prophetic voices to hear what God is speaking to them for 2023.

Charisma News interviewed Pastor Greg Locke from Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee on what God has shown him for the upcoming year. His church has over 3,000 congregants who meet in a tent outside every Sunday and their numbers are continually growing.

“I’ve really been seeking into the Lord about the word acceleration,” Locke says.

I had a vision this month of pens being given out to so many believers in the body of Christ to sign papers that were some of the most important documents they would sign in their lives. I also saw people taking off a shoe and giving it to another person and making a covenant with them. This is the way it was done many times in the Old Testament world:

“So the closest relative said to Boaz, ‘Buy it for yourself.’ And he removed his sandal,” (Ruth 4:8).

Signing Contracts and Deals

Get ready to sign deals that you could have never have brokered, miraculous work contracts, real estate and property deals to come through, invoices that contradict the current recession notices, and checks that you never thought you would be able to write out.

Hubris has been getting mankind into trouble since the ancients walked the earth.

Stories of people trying to elevate themselves to the level of God (or gods that they believed in) demonstrate how such efforts were met with tragedy and death.

Icarus flew too close to the sun; Dr. Frankenstein created his monster; and the movie “The Lazarus Effect” is about trying to raise humans from the dead using a serum. They all show how mankind has suffered because of pride and rebellion.

Bad reports, horrible news headlines and demonic agenda’s may be running rampant across the world but what are you doing to see the kingdom of God go forward amid all that is going on? One youth pastor isn’t just playing defense, but he has made it his mission to go on the offense and see public high school students radically saved and become followers of Jesus.

Youth Pastor, Zack Parkhotyuk with Hungry Generation in Pasco, Washington has a zeal to see the next generation find their true identity in Jesus Christ.

“We’ve tried to get in schools for many years,” Parkhotyuk said in our Charisma News interview. It wasn’t until a young girl came to the youth group at their church and gave her life to Jesus and admitted she had been suicidal that Parkhotyuk was set on fire to see thousands more young people like her find freedom. {eoa}

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