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What the Church Could Learn From LGBTQ+ Activists

In the Line of Fire

In October 2007 I delivered a series of lectures on the subject of “Homosexuality, the Church and Society.” These lectures were held at the Booth Playhouse in the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, and they attracted considerable attention from the local media. One of the lectures was titled, “What […]

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Outrage Over a Catholic Commencement Speech at a Catholic College

In the Line of Fire

While a petition calling for the firing of Harrison Butker, one of the greatest placekickers in the NFL, has gained more than 100,000 signatures, sales of his jersey are skyrocketing. Why all the controversy? This past Sunday, Butker, who plays for the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and is a traditional Catholic, delivered the

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When Being Pro-Palestinian Means the End of Israel

In the Line of Fire

It is important to remember that many of those protesting Israel’s war in Gaza are not simply advocating for a cease-fire or a two-state solution. They are advocating for the end of Israel. This, of course, is the obvious meaning of the “river to the sea” chant. But what is implied in the chant is

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Biden’s Desperate Ploys: Derail Trump, Decriminalize Dope

Here's the Deal

Recently, a desperate and unprincipled President Joe Biden (whose own son nearly destroyed his life due to addiction to marijuana and cocaine) appeared on the often-degenerate Howard Stern radio show in an attempt to salvage his sinking political campaign. Trying to appear cool and attract younger voters after his unconstitutional student loan forgiveness failure, the

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Confirmation That the World Has Lost Its Mind

In the Line of Fire

While my assistant drove me home from the airport Sunday night, I scanned some headlines on the Breitbart website, reading them aloud. If you needed confirmation that the world has lost its mind, if there was there in plain sight. One headline announced: “WOKE FAIL: IRISH EUROVISION VOTERS AWARDED ISRAEL SECOND-MOST POINTS, DESPITE BAMBIE THUG

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God’s Sovereignty and the Choosing of Israel

In the Line of Fire, Opinion

Why did God choose the people of Israel to be a “royal priesthood” and a “holy nation” (Ex. 19:6, ESV)? Was it because of something inherently good in them? Was it because they were better than other peoples? The Lord answered this question directly, saying, “The Lord did not set his affection on you and

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The Deadly Cost of Lesbianism and Feminism

In the Line of Fire

According to a major study by the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, “bisexual women die, on average, nearly 40% younger than heterosexual women, while homosexual women die 20% sooner.” These are tragic numbers, numbers that should concern all of us, regardless of our attitudes toward lesbianism and bisexuality. If you care about people, this is

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If It Talks Like a Terrorist and Acts Like a Terrorist, It Is a Terrorist

Standing With Israel

America’s college campuses are burning with antisemitism, a byproduct of the left-wing ideology that has, for years, dominated the upper echelons of academia and poisoned the minds of so many of America’s youth.   We are witnessing a poisoned generation of college students on campuses from coast to coast. What started out under the false guise of “peaceful protests” in

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