Outrage Follows Biden’s Abortion Blessing at Rally


President Joe Biden sparked furor among people of faith at a recent rally in the deep-red state of Florida.

While on stage with Florida Democratic Party Chairwoman Nikki Fried, who lost to former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist in the 2022 primaries by double digits (Crist then went on to lose to Gov. Ron DeSantis by double digits as well), bemoaned the state’s six-week abortion ban.

With DeSantis winning the Florida governorship by the largest margin in 40 years, including the formerly blue Miami-Dade county by 11 points, Democrats in the state have turned to abortion as a way to try and gain back the massive amount of votes they have lost in the free-state of Florida.

During Fried’s comments, Biden, standing next to her, performs the Sign of the Cross.

As reported by Fox News, “The Sign of the Cross is an ancient expression of piety that has existed since at least the third century and is commonly used by Catholic and Orthodox churches as a form of blessing.”

Predictably, members of the Catholic Church which Biden claims to be such a fervent follower of, were infuriated by this gesture while discussing the killing of human babies.

“Biden’s use of the Sign of the Cross in support of abortion is a disgusting insult toward all Christians, but especially of Catholics whom he claims as his own,” President of CatholicVote Brian Burch said to Fox News Digital after the event went viral.

This hammering by Catholics comes on the heels of another leader within the church calling Biden “stupid” the week before his abortion faux pas.

“I don’t have any anger towards the president. I feel sorry for him. I’m not angry at him, he’s just stupid,” said Bishop Robert Gruss of the Diocese of Saginaw. “It’s not stupidity in the derogatory way, it’s stupidity in the sense of […] he doesn’t understand the Catholic faith.”

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