Why You Cannot Ignore the Signs, Wonders Concerning Trump

4:00PM 10/30/2020

"I tried to include things that other media are not going to include, even other Christian media," CEO and founder of Charisma Media Stephen Strang says in a recent interview with Kenneth Copeland. Strang's bestselling book, God, Trump and the 2020 Election, contains what he calls one of the most "interesting" phenomena: blood moons and how they correlate to significant events in Donald Trump's inauguration and presidency.

"It's just interesting that God would send these signs, and I think it's an indication that God's hand is on Donald Trump," he continues.

Throughout the years, many things have been said of the president, and Copeland chimes in with the ways in which Trump is one of the most "unusual" presidents the nation has seen. And yet, Strang and Copeland agree: You cannot ignore the signs and wonders about Trump that match up with the Word and also match the prophetic utterances of proven prophets.

For more on how Trump has "put it all on the line" and "save[d] the country," watch the full interview here.

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