Why John Gray Contemplated Suicide

12:00PM 1/9/2019

Last year tried to kill John Gray, the Relentless Church pastor says.

"I need you to hear this prophetically that what was trying to bury you, you're going to bury it," Gray says.

He then told the congregation about the suicidal struggles he wrestled with in the last year.

"The truth is, some of the stuff that tried to kill me, I helped. Nobody wants to shout. Everybody needs to know some stuff wasn't the devil, some stuff was you. It would be great if we shout for that too, because when you shout for that what you're saying is I take personal responsibility," he says in the sermon posted to YouTube.

"And let me help you. Some stuff, you can't slap oil on your forehead and ask for it to go away. Some stuff you gon' have to work out. Some stuff you gon' have to walk out. And you gonna need some certified Christian counseling and some therapy."

Watch the video to see what happened next.

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