Top of the Week: Is Asbury University Making the Right Decision?

6:00AM 2/25/2023 Charisma News Staff

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Is Asbury University Making the Right Decision?

Asbury University has announced that the location of the ongoing revival at the school will be moved to a new central location in Kentucky. While the details of that location have not yet been released, Dr. Michael Brown is encouraging Christians that this move of God can sustain itself around the country.

On Jan. 30, Brown was speaking on his "Line of Fire" radio show when he felt prompted to share publicly the first wave of revival was here. Eight days later on Feb. 8, revival broke out at Asbury University in Hughes Auditorium.

Over the weekend 25,000 people gathered in front of Asbury in the sleepy town of Wilmore, Kentucky. State Troopers blocked entrances to the city, only allowing the 6,000 residents who live in the town, in on Sunday evening. "They are making the right decision in decentralizing so quickly," Brown says.

Christian Teacher Fired for Refusing to Participate in 'Lies From the Devil'

Backed into a corner, Christian teacher Jessica Tapia faced a moral dilemma—and knew she just couldn't compromise.

And for that, she was fired. Plain and simple.

Tapia, a teacher in the Jurupa Unified School District in Southern California, told Fox News Digital that she refused to comply with the district's gender policies, which instructed her not only to hide students' gender transitions from parents but also to keep them in the dark through lying.

Jeremiah Johnson: The True Assignment of the Devil at Asbury University

All who have attended the Asbury University revival have talked about the authenticity of the move of the Holy Spirit. God's love and tenderness is bringing many to repentance and revival is spreading to other college campuses across the nation. Prophet Jeremiah Johnson is warning Christians about some of the responses and perspectives being posted online.

"My prayerful concerns are not in regards to what is actually happening there but rather the responses and perspectives that I am seeing posted online daily from people who are visiting there," he wrote on Facebook.

He lists some of the comments frequently being posted on social media:

Holy Spirit Moves Charlotte Church Members to 'Shout to the Lord'

Editor's Note: The Gate Senior Pastor John Matthews begins speaking at the 42:41 mark on the video.

While it may not be continuous like the outpouring of the Asbury University, many churches, like The Gate in Charlotte, North Carolina, are experiencing a tremendous move of the Holy Spirit in recent days.

After 42 minutes of heartfelt worship to begin a service Friday night at the nondenominational church, Senior Pastor John Matthews declared, "as we were worshipping, I just kept hearing ... there is a Scripture [Ezek. 43:5] that says, 'The glory of the Lord fills the temple. That word 'fills' means 'to continually fill.'

"And as much as glory is already in this room, there's more," Matthews said. "There's more. As I was over here worshipping, and the Lord brought a Scripture to my mind. And it says in 1 Thessalonians 4:16, 'The Lord will come down with a shout.' ... In the shout there is freedom. People are going to be set free. ... [For] some of you, the hardest part's going to be not trying to overthink it and over-pray it and let God just do it.

Jim Garlow Gives Eyewitness Report on What's Happening at Asbury Revival

Jim Garlow was one of the first people to post about the Asbury University revival on social media when it started 13 days ago. In a follow-up interview, he explains what sounded like waves of an ocean as he stood in the wooden pews worshipping God in Hughes Auditorium.

In my first conversation with Garlow, we talked about the tie between the Asbury revival and the Third Great Awakening. Now he is sharing his eyewitness view of what happened right before Asbury University announced the revival would stop on campus Wednesday, Feb. 22.

"Just continual worship and praise. Bunch of students standing on the stage, and the auditorium is packed," he says.

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