Friends of Zion Founder: Attacks Can't Stop God-Given Purpose

1:00PM 6/16/2021 Charisma News Staff

Even under pressure from others to cave in the face of adversity and facing the volatile comments of social media trolls, Friends of Zion Heritage Center founder Mike Evans clings to the purpose God gave him when he founded the organization in 2015. His mandate to support Israel, however, started long before then.

"I'll never support stop supporting the nation of Israel; it's my life call; I've done it for 50 years," Evans says. "I'm not going to stop, but I will not compromise my beliefs."

In recent days, Friends of Zion has faced severe persecution, with its Facebook page dedicated to prayer for Israel being completely shut down despite efforts to negotiate with the social media giant.

Evans says in response, "There's a biblical basis to what I'm doing. We're not stopping our support for the nation of Israel, but I will stand true to the Word of God."

The new government with now Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at the helm does not want to have a biblical worldview, Evans says. "They reject the Bible, and they're rejecting God."

If people compromise their beliefs, he adds, then "what value does it have?"

And even in the face of standing for an "unpopular" belief that has "created a lot of enemies," Evans declares he will continue to do what God has called him to do.

Watch this video for more on how Evans is fighting against the antisemitic attacks and defending Israel.

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