Cindy Jacobs: The Lord Gave Me Prophetic Strategy to End the Conflict in Venezuela

7:00AM 6/26/2019

On The Jim Bakker Show, Cindy Jacobs said God gave her prophetic strategies about how to end the conflict in Venezuela between President Nicolas Maduro—seen by many in the international community as a human rights-violating dictator—and rebel insurgent forces. Jacobs suggested that U.S. President Donald Trump should launch a military invasion of Venezuela with the cooperation of neighboring Colombia in order to overthrow the Maduro regime.

"Most intercessors don't know how to pray strategically," Jacobs said. "We met with a roundtable of Latin American prophets a few days ago in Bogota and we have—all over the world—there are prophets that are meeting. Like, there's one for Europe, one from Australia, one for Canada, these roundtables. As we were meeting with all these people, the Lord began to give us strategies about Venezuela. In other words, if the Colombian military went in with the U.S. military, I think that thing could fall like in a day or a few days. I mean, it wouldn't be a long, drawn-out thing. So we need to pray for the president of Colombia, because Trump would go in. And he's quite a good guy, this [Ivan] Duque [Marquez], this president of Colombia."

During the interview, Jacobs also said that God told her America would enter a season of hyperinflation—like the economic crisis Argentina is currently going through—and said that she prayed for Argentina's economy to collapse so that they would undergo revival.

"Probably 10 years ago, I was pumping gas and the Lord said to me, 'America is going to come into a season of hyperinflation,'" Jacobs says. "I didn't know what hyperinflation was. ... We've already had it. We don't realize how much inflation we've already suffered."

Later, Jacobs added about Argentina: "I prayed that the economy of Argentina would collapse, and then God gave me a second word, OK? And the second word was that if they will start, there will be a great prayer revival, and it would be a miracle how they get out of that economic problem."

Argentina—which was once one of the richest countries in South America—has seen inflation rise over 50% in the last year.

Watch the full clip here.

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