What Donald Trump, Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and the Return of Israel All Have in Common

Donald Trump (Facebook/Donald J. Trump)

Editor's Note: This is part 2 of a two-part series. For part 1, click here.

Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and the Return of Israel

Part one revealed that Trump turning 70, 7 and 7 the day he became president numerically bridged the days of the biblical destruction of Israel and the days of its modern restoration. Other contemporary world leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping were also shown to have remarkable 70, 7 and 7 connections linking to Trump and Israel. But these were just the most recent manifestations of amazing and prophetic 70, 7 and 7 milestones.

Key to the phenomenon is the fact many of the events involved in the progressive restoration of Israel have synched with a 50-year Jubilee pattern. This pattern began in 1867 and continued with 1917, 1967 and 2017. The 70, 7 and 7 phenomenon is tied to this Jubilee pattern.

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An important 1867 event was Mark Twain's fulfillment of Moses' prophecy about a stranger visiting a desolate Israel prior to the restoration of the nation. Twain wrote of his 1867 visit to the Holy Land in The Innocents Abroad. As Jonathan Cahn revealed in his book The Oracle, Twain's description of a desolate Israel is nearly identical to the words Moses attributed to the stranger. Mark Twain reached the 70, 7 and 7 milestone on July 7, 1906, the anniversary of A.D. 7/7/70. Exactly 39 years earlier on 7/7/1867, Twain was a month into the three-month voyage that would culminate in his prophetic visit to the Holy Land. Exactly 39 years after Twain turned 70, 7 and 7, a prophetic figure associated with the 1917 Jubilee turned 70, 7 and 7 on another 7/7. That was none other than Winston Churchill, who was born on Twain's 39th birthday. The two were acquainted, and in the year 1900, an elderly Twain introduced a young Churchill to the audience prior to a Churchill speech in New York.

In the years following, Winston Churchill confirmed and played a role in prophecies of Israel's return. According to Michael Makovsky of The Jerusalem Post, in 1908, "when most considered Zionism a foolish fantasy, he (Churchill) dramatically declared that the establishment of a Jewish political entity in Palestine 'would be a tremendous event in the history of the world.'" Later, Churchill advocated the 1917 Balfour Declaration of support for a Jewish homeland—even after the idea became increasingly unpopular in Great Britain. Churchill's support was so important that, as William Mathew wrote in Rescuing Balfour, "The state of Israel might be seen to owe its existence as much to Churchill as to Arthur Balfour."

While Mark Twain fulfilled the prophecy of the foreign stranger finding Israel desolate, Churchill years later made his own visit to Israel and confirmed prophecies of its rebirth. Makovsky relates that in a 1921 speech in Jerusalem, Winston Churchill "was especially moved when he saw beautiful vineyards ... asserting 'Nothing will stand in your way; you have changed desolate places to smiling orchards.'" Churchill's remarks appear to have been at least a partial fulfillment of Isaiah 27:2 (AMP) which reads, "In that day [it will be said of the redeemed nation of Israel], "A vineyard of wine, sing praise of it!

Winston Churchill and Donald Trump

Winston Churchill is best known for his early and sustained opposition to Hitler and for his inspired leadership of Britain in the second world war. But Britain did not always follow his lead when it came to Israel. In a 1939 speech just prior to the war, Churchill opposed limits on Jewish immigration to the Holy Land: "Either there will be a Britain which knows how to keep its word on the Balfour Declaration and is not afraid to do so, or believe me, we shall find ourselves relieved of many overseas responsibilities ..." (source: Balfour100.com), Churchill's words were prophetic. As British support for Israel diminished so did the British empire—despite Churchill's personal support for Israel. The role of most powerful nation and greatest supporter of Israel would pass to the United States after the war—around the time Donald Trump was born. Trump and Churchill have been compared by admirers and critics alike. The two are also linked by the sign of sevens. Churchill turned 70, 7 and 7 on 7/7/45, just days before his first stint as prime minister ended. 7/7/45 was 343 (7 times 7 times 7) days before the birth of 45th U.S. President Trump. The timespan between the births of Churchill and Trump also appears to point to Trump's first year in office. Trump, who was 70 in 2017 when he became 45th president, was born exactly 70 years, 17 months and 45 days after Churchill. Furthermore, Trump, who turned 71 on 6/14 during his first year of office, can be calculated to have been born exactly 71 years, 6 months and 14 days after Churchill. Also synching with Trump turning 71 in 2017 is that Trump was 17 years, 17 months and 71 days old the day Winston Churchill died. Trump was 71 in 2017 at the time he recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Trump is, as Churchill was, a prophetically significant supporter of Israel. And just as Churchill did, Trump faces strong opposition to that support.

David Ben-Gurion, Benjamin Netanyahu and the Sign of Sevens

The full circle return to biblically prophetic times brings the restoration of Israel as well as the return of the days of Noah. Both themes are pictured in a numeric matrix connecting Israel's leaders and Donald Trump. Recall that Noah's ark came to rest on the biblical 7/17 and that many other prophetic biblical events—including the resurrection of Christ—are believed to have occurred on this day (Nisan 17 on biblical civil calendar). Modern Israel's founder and first prime minister David Ben-Gurion connects to Donald Trump and current times by the modern 7/17. He was born 717 months before 7/17/46—the first 7/17 of Donald Trump's life. Ben-Gurion reached 70, 7 and 7 in the Jewish year 5717 (1957). He died on 12/1/73, 7 months and 17 days before 7/17/74. His death was 6 months, 14 days and 46 years before Trump's 74th birthday reflecting Trump's 6/14/46 birth. 700 days after Trump's 74th is Israel's 74th on 5/14/22. That is 5 months, 14 days, 48 years after Ben-Gurion's death, reflecting Israel's 5/14/48 founding.

Also included in the numeric matrix is the longest serving prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. He presided over Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and also connects to 7/17. Netanyahu was born exactly 17 months and 7 days after Israel's 5/14/48 founding. He was also born exactly 17 years, 7 months and 17 days before Israel recaptured Jerusalem and the Temple Mount on 6/7/67. This means Netanyahu was 67 years, 7 months, 17 days old on 6/7/17—the 50th (Jubilee) anniversary of 6/7/67. Trump was 70 years old when he became president in 2017/5777 in the time of Netanyahu. This is reflected in the fact Netanyahu was 70 days old the same day Trump was 17 months and 777 days old. Netanyahu reaches the 70, 7 & 7 milestone on Shavuot/Pentecost in 2020.

The 'Einsign'

Albert Einstein turned down the presidency of the restored Israel, feeling he was not suited for the job. But Einstein was, perhaps, suited to confirm the reality of prophecy when he said: "The dividing line between past, present and future is an illusion." Einstein was born 17 years, 17 months and 17 days before the conclusion of the First Zionist Congress—an event that built support for the eventual return of Israel. His 3/14/1879 birth means his birthday is on "Pi day." Pi or 3.14 is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter recalling the full circle return to Biblical times. Einstein's 3/14 birthday is three months and 14 days after the Nov. 29 anniversary of Israel being voted back into existence and the Nov. 30 Twain/Churchill birthday. Albert Einstein was 70, 7 and 7 on 10/21/49—the day Benjamin Netanyahu was born. That day was 17 months, 7 days after Israel's founding and 17 years, 7 months, 17 days before Israel retook Jerusalem and the Temple Mount on 6/7/67. Trump turned 717 months old and then 777 months old on Einstein's birthday. 70 months and 7 days after Trump turned 777 months on Einstein's 3/14/11 birthday was Trump's first full day as president.

The End and the Restoration

Jesus said the gospel of the kingdom of God would be preached in all the world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end would come. Evangelist Billy Graham probably personified the preaching of the gospel more than any other individual in modern times. Graham was born in the year after the Balfour Declaration and died in the year after Trump's Jerusalem declaration. In between, he is believed to have shared the gospel with more people than anyone else in history. But the end that comes after the gospel has been shared in all the world is just the beginning. With the end comes the restoration of all things—the ultimate Jubilee. This is pictured by Billy Graham's connection to Trump and the sign of sevens. Graham reached 70, 7 and 7 on Trump's 43rd birthday. Seven years later was Trump's Jubilee—his 50th birthday. Billy Graham was 77 years, 7 months and 7 days old that day. But if seven is the number of completions, then eight is the number of new beginnings. And whereas we started our discussion with A.D. 7/7/70, we will end with 7/7/07. Billy Graham was 88 years and 8 months old that day.

Andy Rogers is a provider and coordinator of vocational and recreational services for adults with mental disabilities. He enjoys discovering and sharing the divine and prophetic orchestration behind historic and current events. Andy lives in Arizona with his wife, the amazing artist Sara Rogers.

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