End-Times Confusion and the Great American Eclipse

solar eclipse amid clouds

As the Great American Eclipse of April 8 approaches, the internet is buzzing with theories and speculation about its meaning. Some have gone so far as to declare that the rapture and Second Coming will happen this year.

You may have heard that there have been 12,000 solar eclipses since 1776, but this one and a prior eclipse in 2017 are unique in that only they cross the U.S. In fact, there have been only 584 partial and total solar eclipses since 1776, with 42 touching America, 16 crossing the country and six crossing only the U.S. This eclipse is important, but not a unique sign of the Second Coming.

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You may have also heard that this eclipse is somehow related to the sign of Jonah, when Jesus spoke about His death and Resurrection (Matt. 12:38-42). The eclipse is said to cross seven U.S. cities named Nineveh, none of which appear on the detailed eclipse maps. In any event, we should not use a Scripture taken out of context to reach for a conclusion.

Remember the “88 Reasons Why Christ Must Come in 1988”, which was followed by “89 Reasons Why Christ Must Come in 1989”? Attempts like these to squeeze the Second Coming into current events lead to disappointment, discouragement and diversion from God’s plan. Don’t fall for them.

What you are not hearing is what the Scriptures actually say about solar eclipses. Peter, quoting Joel in Acts 2:17-20, says that eclipses are a sign of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and salvation prior to the Second Coming. Joel, in Joel 3:14-16, says eclipses warn of judgement for those who reject God and refuge for those who choose Him.

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We believe that God does not want to destroy America, even though we have been suffering judgment brought on by our own sins. Rather, He wants to give America a second chance, a new beginning, and He has sent His sign in the heavens on April 8, 2024, as an invitation and a warning.

There will be millions in the streets looking up in wonder at the awesome eclipse. Go to our website (link in bio below) and be with them in the streets to show them God’s love.{eoa}

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Ron Allen is a Christian businessman who is active in ministries spreading a message of reconciliation to God, to men and between believers. He is the founder of American Wake Up Call, www.AmericanWakeUpCall.net. Take a free download of our book, “The Stars of His Coming” (https://bit.ly/StarBook) for more information about the signs of the Second Coming in the sun, moon and stars.

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