Author name: Jenny Rose Curtis

2020 Blogs Strang Report prageru censored

Why We Must Take a Firm Stand Against Facebook Labeling PragerU as Fake News


Facebook recently censored PragerU, labeling it “fake news” and limiting its reach even among its own audience. This is a very serious issue, especially as the presidential election gets nearer. As Christians, we must speak out against this unjust censorship. You may know that PragerU is a nonprofit organization that helps millions understand the values […]

2020 05 rick joyner larry tomczak

Rick Joyner, Larry Tomczak Share Prophetic Perspectives of This Perilous Time

Here's the Deal

For over 20 years an annual gathering of leaders meets at Morningstar Ministries in South Carolina at the invitation of senior prophetic leader Rick Joyner. It’s a “highlight of the year” experience and this commentary hopefully captures some encouraging insights. At the Roundtable we affirmed our mandate to be “salt” and “light” preserving and promoting

2020 05 george floyd

George Floyd’s Ministry Friends Say He Was a ‘Man of Peace’


Roaming through the Cuney Homes Projects in Houston, Texas, a predominantly African American neighborhood, Pastor Patrick “P.T.” Ngwolo of the church Resurrection Houston went looking for disciples. Flyers in hand, he walked the streets promoting a coming concert featuring the Christian rap artists Reconcile and Corey Paul. At the show, one man loomed tall over

2020 05 mind binding spirits

How to Expose, Eradicate Mind-Binding Spirits


The battle is in the mind. Our minds run rampant, thinking in a negative direction. We can feel as though they are stuck and locked down negatively and we can’t receive our breakthrough. What prevents us from moving forward when we are trying so hard? Mind-binding spirits can prevent your breakthrough even when you are

2020 05 Reuters chicago church open

Illinois Removes All Restrictions on Churches Just 4 Hours Before SCOTUS Deadline


Less than four hours before the deadline for Gov. J.B. Prtizker to file his response to the U.S. Supreme Court to the emergency injunction request brought by two Romanian churches, the governor unilaterally removed all restrictions on churches and houses of worship. Within a few hours yesterday after two Romanian churches filed an emergency injunction

2020 05 love america

To All Praying, Patriotic Citizens: Make America Great Again!


After Memorial Day, most of us embrace the start of summer. We’re experiencing fresh optimism that it’s time to put the COVID-19 crisis in the past and transition to where we left off three months ago: making God great in America again to reclaim the greatness for which America was ordained. It also means greater

2020 05 empowered21

Empowered21 Hosts Virtual Worldwide Celebration of Holy Spirit This Pentecost Sunday


Empowered21 will launch its Global Congress Online this Pentecost Sunday, May 31, with a worldwide celebration of the Holy Spirit featuring over 70 Spirit-empowered leaders in daily sessions until June 2. The event was originally supposed to take place in Jerusalem with its Jerusalem2020 event. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Israel instituted a

2020 05 ravi zacharias preaching

WATCH LIVE: Ravi Zacharias’ Life, Legacy Honored in Memorial Service


Ravi Zacharias’ life and legacy are being honored in a livestreamed memorial service today, May 29, at 11 a.m. EST. Passion founder Louie Giglio will offer the memorial message. Other participants will include Zacharias’ family, leaders and musicians within Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) and friends. Prominent Christian leaders who knew Zacharias well will offer

2020 05 middle east

The Story in the Middle East That No One Is Telling


Growing up during 9/11, all we heard was bad news when it came to the Middle East. War, ethnic hostility and crisis dominated the headlines. Fear infiltrated my heart when I thought about Middle Eastern people. Terrorism was our first association, and bias clouded my thoughts. Yet when we read the Scriptures, they are clear

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