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Producer Harvey Weinstein and fashion designer Georgina Chapman.

Harvey Weinstein: A Prophetic Glimpse of Hollywood

The Lord has allowed Weinstein's perversion to be revealed, because He wants to do something dramatic.  He has shifted the intercessory battle from the special forces to the church at large, calling us all to pray these three things.
In the Line of Fire

Dr. Brown Takes on Trevor Noah

Don't you think the whole nation would take notice if hundreds of NFL players (and coaches and even owners), both black and white, marched through the streets of one of our inner cities and then delivered several short speeches outlining their concerns?
In the Line of Fire
Colin Kaepernick

Are the NFL Protests About the Flag or Not?

They might not be anti-American. They might even come from military families. But had any players knelt during the anthem at the game I attended, it would have felt wrong within the stadium, even more so than when watching at home. 
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