Children’s Curriculum Leaders Step Down After ‘Inappropriate Relationship’


Both the founder and CEO of a major children’s ministry curriculum have resigned from their positions with Orange curriculum following their ‘inappropriate’ relationship.

The founder of the company, Reggie Joiner, admitted to prior inappropriate adult relationships. The CEO of Orange, Kristen Ivy, also voluntarily resigned after revealing she had a past relationship with Joiner.

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As The Christian Post reported, the board chair, Joel Manby and the and special governance chair, Jennifer Barnes, stated that “Reggie has admitted to past inappropriate adult relationships, which violated our company policy and eroded trust within our organization.”

On X, author and columnist Jonathan Merritt shared a letter from Orange to their partners announcing the resignations of Joiner and Ivy.

“We have moved quickly to respond, and we are continuing to engage in a responsible and transparent process. As a result, Kristen and Reggie will not be part of next week’s conference,” the letter read.

The Orange curriculum has been widely used across denominations and churches in over 40 nations, for pre-school ages through high school. On Orange’s website, they partnered with 10,000 leaders, impacting over a quarter of a million preschoolers, nearly 400,000 elementary students and almost 200,000 teenagers between 2022 and 2023.

In the middle of transition with both Joiner and Ivy’s absence, acting president Mike Clear will lead Orange as they search for new leadership.

“While we do not have a definitive timeline for hiring a CEO, we assure you we are committed to moving forward thoughtfully and diligently, keeping in mind what is best for Orange, our partners, and—above all—our mission,” the letter reads.

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