Jonathan Cahn: Israel, Iran and End Times Prophecy

Jonathan Iran and Israel

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Looking at Ezekiel 38, which discusses an invasion of Israel, Cahn says there are specific details mentioned in this Scripture that are key to what we are seeing today.

“It is a prophecy of [a] coming invasion of Israel,” Cahn says. “An invasion that involves not one nation but a host of nations, a multitude…it says it will happen in the latter years. That means end times. It’s going to come up Israel, an Israel that has been gathered back from the nations. That’s only happened now.”

There’s one particular term in Scripture that is pertinent to everything else Cahn unveils about Israel and Iran’s connection to one another: the word ‘paras.’

“It is the nation or kingdom of Persia. When Ezekiel wrote this, Persia had not even come into its world empire; it was just rising up, but would become extremely important,” Cahn says.

“Ezekiel says that in the last days the nation of Persia, or Iran, will be an enemy of the gathered nation of Israel,” Cahn says.

While all of Ezekiel 38 has not yet occurred, Cahn believes this attack from Iran on Israel is a significant event because it marks the beginning, the symbol, of the nations of the world attacking Israel. It also signifies Israel’s re-entry onto the world stage.

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However, the spiritual warfare is even deeper than the beginning of the Ezekiel 38 prophecy.

As Cahn points out, in the book of Daniel it was the “sar paras” which kept the angel of the Lord from coming immediately to Daniel. “Sar” breaks down into prince, captain or master, and “paras” is the same word used in Ezekiel 38 which refers to Persia.

“It’s battling against an angel of God, so it’s an entity of evil,” Cahn says.

This battle between the angelic isn’t just something we read about in Daniel’s story. Cahn believes this battle will be heightened during the end times over the fate of Israel because the forces of darkness want to do everything in their power to keep the Messiah from returning.

“It specifically wars against the nation of Israel and God’s end time purposes for Israel,” Cahn says. “The sar paras seeks to destroy the purposes of God for Israel and the Jewish people. [It] seeks to stop it from rebuilding the temple to stop the coming of the Messiah.”

Even as this battle wages on and darkness seeks to destroy and stop the light from breaking through, God is ultimately greater than any war waged against Him by the demonic.

“Do not fear the powers of this world or the powers of man or of kings or of kingdoms because much greater is He who is in you than He who is in the world,” Cahn says.

As we pray and seek God’s face for Israel, now is the time to stand on the truth of God’s Word, knowing that through Him we have the victory.

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Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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