Top of the Week: ‘A True General of the Lord’: Evangelist Jerry Savelle Dies at 76

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‘A True General of the Lord’: Evangelist Jerry Savelle Dies at 76

Renowned charismatic evangelist, pastor and author Dr. Jerry Savelle died Monday, April 15, at age 76, as announced by his ministry, Jerry Savelle Ministries International. He and his wife, Carolyn, were founding pastors of the Heritage of Faith Christian Center in Crowley, Texas, where his ministry is based.

His ministry posted the announcement of his death on its website as well as on social media channels:

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Megachurch Scandal Erupts at Iconic Gathering

James River Church stirred up quite the controversy at their men’s conference that took place late last week.

This happened during the Stronger Men’s Conference at James River Church after a performance by a swordsman prompted prominent ministry leader Mark Driscoll to make a statement about spiritual entities plaguing the church.

The swordsman performance by Alex Magala stirred up this controversy after he removed his shirt and ascended up a pole for his performance, sword in mouth.

 Prophetic or Pathetic? ‘Prophets’ Tell Fortunes, for a Fee

As darkness continues to envelop the world, Christians have been warring spiritually against the demonic influence taking root in people’s hearts.

With this battle comes false prophets, whom the Bible warns about in both the Old and New Testaments. Now, many are being deceived by these “pay for prophecy” prophets and allowing spiritual strongholds into their lives.

It is not through the Holy Spirit that many of these false teachers gain their insights, but through divination and demonic revelation.

Reports: IHOPKC to Close Amid Ongoing Bickle Scandal

Recent reports indicate International House of Prayer Kansas City (IHOPKC) will close amid the sexual and spiritual abuse scandal involving founder Mike Bickle.

A recording from IHOP University an internal email from IHOPU President Matt Candler refer to the closing, according to The Roys Report. The recording reveals that the ministry is losing hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, partly due to the many donors closely connected to Bickle.

“We began to accrue some pretty significant financial challenges, with our expenses outpacing our revenues by about $500,000 a month… with no end in sight,” IHOPKC Forerunner Church Pastor Isaac Bennett says.

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UPDATE: Lindell and Driscoll Reconcile as Sword Swallower Responds

Mark Driscoll and John Lindell have reconciled following controversy at the Stronger Men’s Conference.

During the conference, Driscoll called out the spirit of Jezebel for being present due to sword swallower Alex Magala’s performance where he removed his shirt and climbed up a pole.

Lindell called Driscoll off of the stage, and the two of them spoke in private. Following this discussion, the two came back to address the matter.

Grammy-Winning Christian Music Artist Mandisa Dies at 47

Christian singer-songwriter and “American Idol” finalist Mandisa Lynn Hundley, known professionally as Mandisa, has died in her Nashville, Tennessee, home at age 47, according to multiple reports.

The platinum-selling artist and five-time Grammy nominee, born in California, rose to fame when she responded with grace to “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell’s critique following her performance on Season 5 of that show. She finished in the top 10 and released her first album, “True Beauty,” in 2007. In 2014, she won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music album for her iconic release, “Overcomer.”

K-LOVE, one of the first outlets to break the news of her death, released the following on social media platform X:

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