11 Foods That Will Leave You Hungrier

Eating pizza
How difficult is it for you to eat only one slice of pizza? (Stock Free Images)

It's normal to binge on food when one feels hungry. But what if the foods you are eating are leaving you hungrier than before?

According to board-certified internist and weight-loss specialist Dr. Sue Decotiis, hunger is caused as a result of numerous intricate interactions that go on in the stomach, brain, pancreas, intestines and bloodstream. However, the concern is that this intricate circuit can be easily disrupted.

And, who's the culprit? They are some of your favorite foods. Below are mentioned 11 types of foods that will keep you starving even when you have filled your stomach:

1. White bread. White bread is prepared from white flour, which is obtained from the grain whose outer shell, also known as bran, has been removed. This in turns depletes the full-fiber content of the grain.

According to Decotiis, eating foods prepared from white flour increases your insulin levels. In one of the recent studies done in Spain, researchers surveyed the eating habits and weights of more than 9,000 people. The results indicated that participants who consumed more than two servings of white bread every day were more vulnerable to become obese or overweight over a span of five years as compared to those who consumed less of it.

2. Salty snacks. Dulan says it is normal to have a sweet tooth after binging on a bag of potato chips. Salty snacks, pretzels and chips are quick-digesting carbohydrates that can instantly increase your insulin levels only to have them rapidly drop afterwards. And, because your brain and taste buds relate quick-energy to sweet foods, it is common to crave sweet foods after snacking on salty chips.

Moreover, because of the phenomenon termed sensory specific satiety, you can satisfy your salty stomach with a bag of chips. But, then you need to eat sweet foods to satisfy your sweet one. This way you eat double the amount of food says Dulan.

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