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America Must Have a Great Awakening

A Christ-awakening in the nation must begin at the grassroots level. Join the Cry Out America prayer movement. Let us help you plan a 9/11 prayer gathering.

Israel at war

Is Israel’s Response to Hamas Disproportionate?

While in the airport recently, Charisma Israeli correspondent Jonathan Feldstein engaged in a rather poignant discussion with another passenger about Israel's right to defend itself against hostile aggression.

Israeli flares

Is God’s Favor Reigning Upon Israel?

Although Israel's enemies sometimes slip through and inflict some pain and suffering, why do many Israelis sense the providence and blessing of God over their embattled, yet thriving nation?

Anti-Semitism is a worldwide disease.

What Is the Root of Anti-Semitism?

Asher Intrater, co-director of an apostolic ministry team dedicated to revival in Israel, says the answer to that question may be very surprising.

Matt Ridley

Faith in God Is a Virulent Infection, Columnist Claims

In an attack on faith schools, Matt Ridley said "rationalists" want to "protect" children from religion and that "secular, free thinking" should be adopted to "combat the rise of radical Islam and radical Christianity."

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