The Only New World Order That Truly Counts

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Alarms started blaring in my mind when I heard the president say he was going to lead us into a new world order. I realized there is nothing new under the sun.

From the Persians to Alexander the Great to the caesars of Rome to Karl Marx to Hitler to Stalin to Mao to Muslim terrorists to the secular humanists of our day, many throughout history have announced they would revolutionize a new Utopia that would lead the way to world domination of their system of beliefs and lifestyles.

The potential for World War III unfolded when Russia invaded Ukraine with the implications of nuclear war. Biden blamed Putin for our woes, while Putin declared that the United States' domination of the world had ended. Intense global conflict arose like a prophetic flare to announce the return of Jesus Christ.

How does this play into the age of deception that Jesus declared would permeate the world before He returns? How does this new world order fit into the prophecies of the Bible? How should we as followers of Jesus respond to the promotion of absurdities that will cause people to believe them, leading to atrocities?

We have already seen Biden's lack of ability concerning Russia, which opened the door to Putin's invasion of Ukraine. We witnessed the debacle in Afghanistan and continue today to see the starvation deaths of thousands in that nation.

Biden has no answer to the world energy problem and refuses to put our oil production to work. Our southern border is a disaster of drugs, sex trafficking and illegal aliens. Inflation threatens our very livelihoods; the effects of a world plague continue to linger. The U.N. just announced that we will see up to 29 million starvation deaths in the coming year.

I pray for President Biden and his leaders as God has withheld His wisdom and courage from their leadership. As with ancient kings of Israel, God calls upon Biden to repent and put away his idols of self and corruption, to repent for the sins of our nation or suffer the judgment of God.

The emperor has no clothes on, but too many keep telling him how wonderfully dressed he is. Has the spirit of antichrist blinded our leaders and our people? Truly, the only hope we have is Jesus Christ.

Is this not like the God of the Bible who removes His hand of favor and allows men to come up with their own answers? Then the situation becomes more and more desperate until people realize man has no answers and only our Deliverer can save us.

The signs of Jesus' prophetic words in Matthew 24 tell us we are in the last generation before He will appear to introduce His new world order. The heavens will be filled with His glory and with His mighty angels. The trumpet will sound and the angels will gather His elect before the day of wrath comes upon this world.

Then those who have rejected the Son of God will cry out to the mountains and rocks, "Hide us from the face of the Lamb and the wrath of His judgment!" (See Revelation 6:16.) They would rather have the mountains and rocks fall upon them than answer for their sins. Jesus will separate the sheep nations from the goat nations. He will reign over the nations in righteousness forever and ever.

This will be the true new world order that only Jesus can lead us into, the glory of a new heaven and a new earth. There will be no more tears, suffering or death but an eternity of justice, truth and love as we worship God and the Prince of Peace.

Jesus in His mercy and grace has called us to partner with Him to prepare the way for His return. We are called to sound the alarm to wake up the body of Christ, the Jewish people and the nations of the earth to the season of our Lord's return.

As I write this article, I am in Cuba in the midst of a mighty move of God similar to what we read about in the Book of Acts. The Holy Spirit is being poured out in the churches. Souls are being saved. Bodies are being healed. Hundreds are being baptized in the Holy Spirit. They are answering the call to wake up their nation to the prophecies of Jesus.

You should pray for these Cubans as they shout and weep and yield to the call of God. They are immersed in the Spirit, unafraid to surrender all to their King. This wave of revival will become a tidal wave of eternal life that could shake the nations.

I pray this end-time fire will spread to all of the world. Jesus is coming. No humanistic world order or leader can stop Jesus and His plan of redemption. He is calling you to wake up and join His end-time army of spiritual warriors.

What has Jesus said to you about this partnership as a messenger of hope and life as the world faces darkness and death? If you are looking for direction and answers, read and study Jesus' five parables in Matthew 24 and 25 to see how He teaches us to live in this season of His return.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will ignite a fire in you and send you out to declare the time of His glory has come. Believe He will equip you and supply all of your needs to do His work. Join the Ezekiel 37 army to impact the world for Jesus. The King is coming soon. Enjoy the adventure of being one of His fiery messengers.

Blake Lorenz was raised in the church but never knew Jesus Christ. His god was himself and sports. When he was released from the Chicago Cubs organization, Lorenz says his life fell to pieces. In this crisis, he cried out to Jesus and gave Him his life. Jesus came into his room, and he literally met Jesus Christ. Jesus surrounded Lorenz with His love and told him to go into the world to call people to follow Him. God has blessed him to be a pastor and evangelist for 38 years in Central Florida and around the world. Lorenz just released a new novel called Greater Love, which can be purchased on Amazon.

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