Reawaken America Tour Gains Momentum, Adds Speakers and Venues

Reawaken America event in Tampa, Florida, June 18, 2021
Reawaken America event in Tampa, Florida, June 18, 2021 (Charisma Media Archives)

When Clay Clark planned the first Health and Freedom event in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in April 2021, he had no idea of the swift and tremendous momentum to follow. The Health and Freedom event has become known as the Reawaken America Tour and has attracted well-known public figures such as Gen. Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Mike Lindell and Roger Stone; attorneys Sidney Powell, Leigh Dundas and Lin Wood; doctors Simone Gold, Richard Bartlett, Sherri Tenpenny and Mark Sherwood; and Pastors Greg Locke, David Scarlett and Phil Hotsenpiller, to name a few.

The tour has nearly taken on a life if its own, with more highly respected public figures contacting Clark for permission to participate in future events, while representatives from venues all over the nation inquire about hosting events in their communities.

Who is Clay Clark, and how did he come to be the originator of such a movement? He came from humble beginnings, which served as a catalyst for his unquenchable entrepreneurial advancement, he says. No one has yet been able to explain his ability to sustain accelerated energy each day with few hours of sleep or how he manages the many projects he does, especially while personally taking over 200 phone calls daily. He is the founder of and the partnership with Dr. Robert Zoeller. The two have started and have grown 13 multimillion-dollar businesses by networking with the business owners. They have helped thousands of business owners gain both time and financial freedom. Rather than taking on new business owner clients now, Clark and team host a daily podcast allowing them to reach and help more than they could one on one.

In January 2020, having learned of a potential of a virus from Wuhan, China, that could shut down our country, with concern for his clients, Clark went into what he calls his "deep dive mode," a concentrated 24-48 hour period of isolated research. From this he learned:

— The claim that 2.2 million Americans were projected to die from this COVID-19 virus was a campaign funded by Bill Gates and Amazon.

— PCR tests are falsely calibrated to inflate the number of positive COVID-19 cases.

— COVID-19 is 100% treatable with budesonide, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

— Fauci funded the Wuhan lab that created the virus.

Armed with this information, Clark used his podcast to alert his clients and followers there's no need to panic, treatment is available, and the claims are manufactured for some unknown reason. The response was such that the idea of holding an event where more people could be properly informed natural. Clark expected his own office space that could seat 500 people would be sufficient. However, the demand for tickets quickly exceeded his office capacity. The search for a venue was on, and Clark expanded the schedule of events for the conference.

Clark contacted Gen. Michael Flynn, with whom he had spoken in the past, and asked if he would want to be part of a Reopen America Tour. Flynn's response was a quick yes, followed by, "But it has to go through the church because the church is key to fighting back Satan."

The first event in Tulsa, Oklahoma, held at the Rhema Bible College generated requests for over 50,000 tickets, was viewed on livestream by over 7.1 million people and attended by 4,500 people. Clark's response? "BOOM!" which, he explains, stands for "Big Optimistic Overwhelming Momentum."

Clark knew God was leading him but as yet remained unaware of the prophecies concerning him and the tour. Well-known prophet Kim Clement prophesied on April 4, 2007, "Trump shall become a trumpet, says the Lord ... I will raise up the Trump to become a trumpet ", and "There is a man by the name of Mr. Clark; there is also another man by the name of Donald. You are both watching and thinking, Could it be that God is speaking to me? Yes, He is."

Another prophecy in 1963 by Kenneth E. Hagin predicted an atheistic, communistic spirit that would attempt to kill America and the very revival that would start the expected Third Great Awakening/end-time harvest. But the revival that would save America would happen from the campus of Rhema Bible College.

What makes Hagin's prophecy so compelling is that Rhema Bible College didn't even exist in 1963. Add to this that Clark was later contacted by Richard Manning, an adviser in Washington, D.C., who said Trump wanted Clark to attend a July 16, 2021, event with Trump and about 70 business owners.

After being invited to the White House and learning of the prophecies, Clark realized the Reawaken America Tour was not just BOOM, but God BOOM. At this point, he has tours planned for 2021 in Anaheim, California (July 17-18); Grand Rapids, Michigan (Aug. 19-21); Colorado Springs, Colorado (Sept. 24-25); and San Antonio, Texas (Nov. 11-13), (September 24-25) and San Antonio, Texas (November 11-13), with more to follow. To learn more and get tickets visit . Cost is $250.00 for general admission and $500.0 for VIP tickets, with pastors receiving a 50% discount. Special consideration for those unable to afford the ticket prices is available upon request.

The tour has a threefold thrust:

— To kill the spirit of fear that has gripped so many Americans.

— To expose the lies and reveal the truth.

— To call the church to action, specifically by being engaged with church and local politics.

Clark is confident God placed him on this planet to help people learn and live in truth. Watch for more details as the tour progresses.

Pamela Christian is an ordained international minister with an honorary doctorate, a speaker/teacher and award-winning author of the book series Faith to Live By. She hosts a weekly podcast, also called Faith to Live By, on the Charisma Podcast Network. As a charismatic apologist, Pam's passion is to help people discover and live in life-giving truth to gain spiritual victory over life's issues. Find her at to learn more about the various aspects of ministry she offers.

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