Prophetic Declaration: How to Break the Orphan Spirit Over America

People march for life in Birmingham, Alabama.
People march for life in Birmingham, Alabama. (Natalie Brumfield/Facebook)

The family is God's secret weapon on the earth. Through family, God heals the wounds in our nation. Through family, God brings true healing and understanding. For decades in America, the family has been so broken and the family has been so bruised by the orphan spirit.

Yet in 2019, the Lord is bringing the restoration of family. Even in the midst of the darkest laws of our nation that have come against our children, Jesus is going to bring intimacy back to the family as described in Malachi 4:6a: "He will turn the hearts of fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers."

The enemy sees the breakthrough of family this year, and that is why we are seeing the dark-seeded laws of full-term abortion being legalized. The evil of these laws has been with us for 46 years since the 1973 ruling of Roe v. Wade. And now, the evil of abortion is being exposed on such a level that even people who have been blinded all along will see that abortion must come to an end. It will cause a resurgence of abolition to rise up in America, and people will fight to protect the family.

We are going to see so much of the breakthrough this year within foster care and adoption. America will see a mighty wave of people being licensed to foster and begin home studies with their local adoption agencies to adopt out of our foster care system. We are going to see thousands of people begin to be trained and serve in their local crisis pregnancy centers. There will be drastically significant donations into mercy centers like these and other ministry organizations for rehabilitation and counseling. People will even begin to dream of ways to start their own organizations in their communities that will help at-risk young mothers choose life and support their needs in ways the government has not been able to understand or creatively meet.

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The Lord is declaring to us that adoption is critical to the ending of abortion as a whole. Adoption is addressing the wound of America. Adoption is addressing the lie. The lie is that life is not sacred; people are not valuable. The healing of that lie starts with knowing the value of humanity and that we are made in the image of God (Gen. 1:27). If we understand that truth then we understand that abortion should not exist.

America is a damaged society that has the orphan spirit bound over us. Americans are walking around with the orphan spirit, not knowing their value, not knowing they are the image bearers of the Lord (Jer. 1:5). How can someone with the orphan spirit understand the value of life? The orphan spirit causes people to not value their own lives, nor can they value others' lives in full. And if we don't value ourselves, how can we value the life that has been given inside of us or that is conceived between a man and a woman? The orphan spirit is the underlying spirit responsible for abortion, suicide, mass shootings, self-harm, identity confusion, domestic abuse, father/mother wounds, genocide, holocausts, unforgiveness and more.

Adoption answers the wounds of the orphan spirit. It is a physical sign on the earth of what needs to happen spiritually. Adoption is a manifestation of the Spirit of God and a prophetic declaration of healing and sonship (Eph. 1:5-6). The people of America are entangled in the orphan spirit, and it can only be dealt with by the love of Jesus. When they meet and receive Jesus, they are no longer orphans. And so when we adopt, it is a prophetic and physical sign we are making to heal, to address the lie and to address the wound. It is the release of the spirit of sonship.

Adoption breaks the chains of the orphan spirit over our nation, the demonic attack over the womb and over life. We need to show what God the Father is doing by adoption. This year, Christians will mobilize to place their faith into action and put their feet to the ground in the realm of family. As adoption increases this year, we will see a vast surge of restoration, healing and the ending of abortion.

The way we break the orphan spirit over America is by Christians embracing what God has already done for us. He adopted us and gave us sonship. We must do what the Father is doing. When we adopt, when we foster, it is more than a physical, legal act of family. It is a spiritual weapon that breaks the chains of the orphan spirit off our nation. It breaks the demonic attack on family and our pre-born.

Adoption is a spiritual breaker that manifests the Father's love and releases the identity of sons and daughters over our nation. It releases the spirit of sonship. When the full spirit of sonship is released, abortion will not exist as a legal right any longer. Revival will come to our nation because of the revelation of the gift of family.

In 2019, God is restoring the fathers and mothers into their rightful places, and with that, He is restoring family and the intimacy within family relationships. There will be a divine convergence of all the generations through family. This divine convergence will break and block the demonic convergence that tries to destroy our nation through abortion.

Since 2008, Natalie Brumfield has served as Birmingham chapter leader for Bound4LIFE (a grassroots movement to pray for the ending of abortion, increase of adoption and for revival worldwide) while being a pro-life initiatives writer. Natalie and her husband Matthew reside in Birmingham, Alabama and love being foster and adoptive parents, as well as, active volunteers at their local pregnancy care center.

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