Lies and Calculated LGBT Disinformation Muddy Conversion Therapy Debate

Gov. Chris Christie
Gov. Chris Christie signed into law a bill that bans professional counselors in the state of New Jersey from attempting to change a minor's sexual orientation. (Facebook)

Editor's Note: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed into law a bill that bans professional counselors in the Garden State "from attempting to change a minor's sexual orientation." Peter LaBarbera made the following points regarding Gov. Christie's siding with the "Big Gay Government" agenda by banning parents from helping their children overcome the destructive pull of homosexuality.

Christie cited the pro-"gay" American Psychological Association in claiming that efforts to change sexual orientation "can pose critical health risks" to children. But he strangely did not mention the existence of successful, happy former homosexuals. Nor did he acknowledge the widely available data pointing to the myriad health risks associated with homosexual behavior itself—such as the rising HIV risk among "young men who have sex with men." 

Pro-family advocates call the New Jersey law—like a similar California law—a "Jerry Sandusky" law because it could ban parents from specifically seeking reparative therapy for their child even if the child was molested by a homosexual pedophile. (The law's language is ambiguous on this point.)

Sadly, many "gay" men, like CNN's Don Lemon and MSNBC's Thomas Roberts, do not acknowledge the causative link between their molestation as boys by homosexual predators and their subsequent embrace of a deviant "gay" identity. 

Lies and calculated LGBT disinformation have muddled the debate and confused the public over the issue of homosexuality and the potential for ex-"gay" change. Falsehoods often are repeated by the liberal media, such as the Associated Press' report of the Christie bill-signing, which stated, "Lawmakers heard horror stories from some during hearings on the ban, including Brielle Goldani of Toms River, who testified she underwent electric shocks and was given drugs to induce vomiting after being sent to an Ohio camp at age 14 to become straight."

The problem is that Goldani was lying, as was confirmed by Christopher Doyle, himself a successful ex-"gay" who counsels people to overcome unwanted homosexual desires. Doyle tried to track down the Ohio camp but discovered it never existed. Needless to say, Doyle's clarification did not garner near the attention of Goldani's horrific yet spurious testimonial tale.

Christie is misinformed in claiming that homosexuals are "born gay." Efforts to confirm "born gay" junk science have failed—for example, the much-heralded studies by homosexual activist researchers Dean Hamer (1993) and Simon LeVay (1992) could not be replicated. (See; Hamer, author of a media-touted "gay gene" study, now makes gay advocacy documentaries.)

Nevertheless, the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA) cunningly includes the word innate in its stylebook definition of sexual orientation, as revealed in the author's report on pro-homosexual media bias for the group America's Survival. (The NLGJA also collaborates with homosexual gadfly Wayne Besen, hater of "ex-gays" and creator of the "Pray the Gay Away" polemical smear.)

Homosexual activists and liberals often fall back on the convenient "born gay" myth as a way of avoiding the reality that homosexuality—which is primarily environmentally influenced—is about immoral, unhealthy and changeable behavior. 

Christie's statement (relying on his "born gay" belief) that homosexuality is not a sin is not only a repudiation of his own Catholic teachings on homosexuality, but it is also a craven capitulation to the secular political correctness of this age that celebrates homosexuality and extreme gender confusion as "civil rights."

Peter LaBarbera is president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (

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