Puberty Blockers Found to Have Potentially Life-Long Fertility Effects


After hearing how puberty blockers could be reversed, a study from the Mayo Clinic has found that this may not be the case.

As Fox News first reported, the Mayo Clinic discovered how puberty blockers harmed male children who were studied, ages 17 and younger.

Studying more than 130,000 sperm cells from the male children, researchers discovered that the children on puberty blockers had “sex gland atrophy,” indicating that the effects of taking puberty blockers may be irreversible.

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One of the common prescriptions administered as a puberty blocker is Lupron, or leuprolide, which is typically administered for those with prostate cancer. However, when administered to children, it can delay or “block” their sexual maturity.

These chilling findings are a reminder that we are living in a culture which would rather applaud the wicked instead of standing up for what is right.

As Dr. Brett Osborn told Fox, “Disruption in their development could result in reduced fertility or other reproductive issues later in life. Based on the researchers’ histologic findings, the changes induced by these medications may be permanent, contrary to popular opinion among transgender activists.”

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By giving into the whims of what children believe they want now, parents and physicians may be making extreme decisions which could impact them later in life. Those same children who may feel confused in the moment or have been pressured by the media to conform by becoming transgender are making life-long decisions that could impact their entire future.

Instead of making children question why God made them as they are, perhaps we should be encouraging them to see how God wonderfully made them just as He desired them to be. {eoa}

Abby Trivett is a marketing copywriter and coordinator for Charisma Media.

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