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Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen Celebrates Mega Milestone at Lakewood Church

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Joel Osteen celebrated his latest milestone at Lakewood Church this past Sunday. Osteen’s latest message was the 1,000th sermon he’s preached since taking the position as Pastor of Lakewood Church in 1999 after his father’s death. This comes right after the 65th anniversary of the church. In a special video message, Osteen admits that he […]

Money and Megachurch

The Prosperity Gospel Has Been Exposed


Is prosperity biblical? This question has been asked for decades, and in light of recent footage and Benny Hinn’s admittance to making mistakes in regards to prosperity, it’s come back to the surface of what it looks like from a biblical position. In an interview with Stephen Strang on the Strang Report podcast, Dr. Mark

Saldivar Holy Spirit FB 1530 x 1022 px

Isaiah Saldivar’s Keys to Spiritual Authority and Deliverance


Have you ever cast out a demon before? In a live Bible study interview with Kap Chatfield, Isaiah Saldivar tackled the tough question about how we, as children of God, should interact with deliverance. The first thing Saldivar makes mention of is that if we actively become part of deliverance ministry, it is not a


Alexa PenaVega Holds On to Jesus After Daughter’s Stillbirth


A month after announcing her daughter was stillborn, Alexa PenaVega says her faith in Jesus has been critical for the pain her family has endured in the past month. In a video on Instagram, Alexa PenaVega described how this season of losing her and husband Carlos PenaVega’s daughter, Indy, has been the hardest thing their

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna’s Testimony: ‘I Didn’t Have a Back Up Plan’


The world was completely floored when Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, turned over her life to Jesus and was baptized back in 2022. Now, she’s sharing her testimony of coming to faith with Christian music artist Lecrae. As Church Leaders noted, White became known for stripping, rapping and modeling. Her fame took

Joe Biden

Biden’s Failed Race Baiting: ‘Black Men are Being Killed in the Street’

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President Biden has been at it again with his colorful commencement speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta. During his speech at Morehouse, a historic African American university, Biden focused on targeting young, African American men with a message of hopelessness and despair. “You started college just as George Floyd was murdered. And there was a

California will be baptized

California Church Experiences State-Wide Revival with 30,000 Baptisms


A California church, Oceans Church, is no stranger to holding mass baptisms. According to the Washington Times, the church held a 2023 initiative called “Baptize SoCal” where 4,166 people where baptized at Pirates Cove in Newport Beach. Now, the church made its goal to baptize 30,000 people this past Pentecost Sunday with “Baptize California” in

Pope Francis

Vatican Tightens Rules on Entertaining the Supernatural

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The Catholic Church is tightening their rules about how to deal with the supernatural. In a newly released document, the Vatican is advising bishops no longer act alone when dealing with supernatural phenomena such as blood-soaked crucifixes and apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Instead, bishops should consult with the Vatican. The Vatican’s announcement acknowledged that

Perry Stone and JFK

Perry Stone Unveils: Shocking New Mystery Behind JFK Murder

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The assassination of President Kennedy may have more spiritual significance than anyone first thought. In a recent video, Perry Stone unlocked a spiritual mystery revolving around JFK’s death. Recounting details from Pastor Davis, a former missionary in Haiti during Kennedy’s presidency, Stone says it’s quite possible that an occult leader from Haiti placed a curse

Holy Spirit and water

The Day of Pentecost Reversed an Old Testament Curse

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The day of Pentecost is a critical day for Christians. It is the day the Holy Spirit came and filled the 120 followers of Jesus and empowered Peter to preach to the masses. Without the coming of the Holy Spirit, there would be no power, authority and guidance to go and fulfill the Great Commission.

Upper Room

The Lost Site of Pentecost Revealed

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Archaeologist Joel Kramer just may have uncovered the location where the Last Supper and the Day of Pentecost happened. Going on one of his archeological expeditions, Kramer took a careful look at a synagogue from the excavation project of Jewish archaeologist, Jacob Pinkerfield. In this ancient synagogue, Pinkerfield noticed a “Torah Arc” in the building.

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