Dallas Jenkins Update on Season 4 of ‘The Chosen’ as Season 5 Begins Filming

The cast of The Chosen

The creator and director of the popular faith-based TV series “The Chosen” says it will not be long before Season 4 of the show will be available for fans.

Dallas Jenkins recently announced that while he cannot give an exact date on when Season 4 will be released, he believes it will be “in the near future.”

“I’ve seen a few things online of people saying, ‘Oh man, you know it could be six months.’ Or ‘I don’t even know if it’s going to come out this year.’ That is not the case. It will be well before then. I can’t give you an exact date but we are hopeful that it will be sometime in the near future. It’s not going to be three months. It’s not going to be that long. It will be shorter than that,” Jenkins said.

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“We are actively working on it every day,” he added. “I promise you, no one is more frustrated by this than I am. And no one wants to get this to you more quickly than I do. We’re working on it. I promise you.”

As CBN News previously reported, Jenkins released a Facebook video in March explaining there was a delay in the release of the show on streaming platforms.

In a video titled, “I’ve got bad news about Season 4’s release,” Jenkins addressed the latest season of “The Chosen” being released in theaters, the monumental cost of producing the series, and upcoming plans for the show.

“Our previous path wasn’t proving to be sustainable,” Jenkins said of the crowdfunding model that launched “The Chosen” into success.

He explained how expensive the show is to create and bring to market while continuing to offer it to viewers for free. The cost is “tens of millions of dollars, minimum, every year.”

Plus, with three more seasons in the future, much of the money earned by the series has to go into funding the upcoming seasons.

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Without going into excessive detail, the famed director also indicated current legal challenges are holding up the latest season’s streaming release.

In his latest update from the set of Season 5 in Utah, the show’s director plainly said, “I’m sad to say that the legal matters that we are dealing with for Season 4 are still happening.”

On the bright side, Jenkins reported the cast and crew were starting their first day of production for the upcoming season.

“It is Day 1. In the midst of all the craziness of us trying to get Season 4 to you…and in the midst of all the craziness of ‘The Chosen’ in general, all over the world, we are officially commencing Day 1 of 68 days of filming, here in beautiful Utah,” Jenkins said. “We have done our first rehearsal, and we are about to get going. It is unbelievable.”{eoa}

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