People Are Turning to Spirits of Divination in Greater Numbers

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A mother of three is making international headlines for her 'ability' to communicate with the dead relatives of her now-famous clientele.

Chloe Smith, 25, claims to be able to see angels and talk to the spirits of the dead.

Many have been quick to simply dismiss her as a liar because they believe people cannot accomplish such feats.

Yet according to the Bible, it is not only possible for her to commune with spirits, but the practice is abominable to the Lord and opens a person up to demonic oppression.

Smith is gaining international fame for the reported help she is providing to people who are still suffering from the loss of a loved one and are looking for answers to their spiritual problems. Her client list includes Netflix celebrities and British media personalities. Reality TV stars have been lining up for Smith's services with the underworld.

"I don't know how these celebs all find me, but to me, they are just another client, and they are normal people like you and I," Smith says in an interview with media outlet SWNS.

"Some come for fertility readings, others for love reasons. Some of them have lost a loved one and I help with the grieving process," she adds.

Smith's statements show that there is a deep, spiritual need in people today.

The more God is removed from society, the greater people will suffer from spiritual oppression and thirst for the water of life.

What Smith is doing however, is opening a door to the demonic that will not help these people, or herself, in any way whatsoever. It will instead attach demonic spirits, which are only evil, onto their lives.

"I'm not just a person who sees dead people, which some people find weird and don't believe me—but I help with depression and anxiety, too. I just talk to these people. They have regular readings and I [am] in constant contact with them," Smith says.

The Word of God is very clear on the subject matter of mediums, necromancers and sorcerers. The Word says they are real, they can do what they claim to do and that the Lord does not tolerate such actions.

According to 1 Chronicles 10:13-14, it was King Saul's act of turning to the medium of Endor instead of the Lord that orchestrated his death and established the Davidic line of succession:

"So Saul died because of his unfaithful deeds against the Lord, because of his failure to keep the word of the Lord, and because he sought to consult a spirit of divination, but did not seek the Lord. So, He killed him and turned the kingdom over to David the son of Jesse."

That is how great of an abomination the Lord sees the seeking out of spirits of divination. This is not merely an 'Old Testament issue that no longer takes place' matter, either.

The New Testament is just as clear regarding the spirits of divination and their practice, how God views them and the toll they take on the person attached to them.

Acts 16 tells of the girl afflicted with this spirit and proclaimed the witness of Paul and Silas as "servants of the Most High God" before being cast out.

These spirits of divination are becoming more prominent in the world today, especially amongst celebrities who wield immense influence over the general populace. This is evident in the clientele that Smith is attracting with her "services." Yet danger is right in the midst of these readings that Smith is attributing to herself.

It is not Smith giving the readings, but the evil spirits she is conjuring, and no good thing comes from a minion of Satan.

There is also a danger in Christians not addressing these situations in society as well. Prayer must be brought against these practices that the Lord banned from the nation of Israel. The Word of God says that leaders who allowed such practices, amongst others that came with the worship of the Baals and Ashtoreth's, did evil in the eyes of the Lord.

Christians must be proactive in the spiritual warfare against such spirits that have been deceiving humanity for thousands of years.

Pray that Smith is delivered from such a spirit and that she finds the true source of spiritual fulfilment of the Lord God in heaven. Pray against the spirits afflicting her that are trying to deceive and lead astray people looking for help, hope and healing amidst their personal battles. Pray that those seeking assistance from Smith will instead encounter the radical love of God and learn of the salvation offered by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and His overcoming sin and death when He arose from the grave.

James Lasher is Staff Writer for Charisma Media.

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