Donald Trump Hopes to Ride Red Wave with 2024 Announcement

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With the Nov. 8 midterm elections right around the corner, there is another force waiting offstage for the right moment to appear.

According to multiple reports, former President Donald Trump hopes to cash in on a resounding Republican victory this November and announce his intent to run for president in 2024.

Reportedly, the date for this announcement is Nov. 14. The timing would set him up well to get his name in front of voters—as if it ever left the media's nonstop coverage—before any potential opponents throw their hat into the ring.

With momentum swinging toward Republicans and their focus on inflation, crime and energy woes, they are now poised to return to majorities in both chambers of Congress. Trump appears hopeful of building on the potential sweep in the midterm elections and carry that energy to his announcement.

The former president is still enjoying rallies that are packed to capacity with supporters who bring a lot of excitement. It was at one of these rallies in Sioux City, Iowa, that Trump alluded to making the announcement for 2024:

"In order to make our country successful and safe and glorious, I will very, very, very probably do it again ... Get ready, that's all I'm telling you—very soon. Get ready," Trump said.

While nothing is certain yet, the support that the former president enjoys from the conservative side of the Republican party is as undeniable as it is unequalled. At CPAC 2022 in Dallas, Texas, the attendees took an official straw poll to determine the candidate they preferred to run in 2024 and it wasn't even close—Trump led the straw poll by a mile.

While some have made the case for Florida governor Ron DeSantis, who is expected to beat his opponent Charlie Crist for re-election, and who led Florida to emerge as the most desirable place to live during and after the pandemic, he garnered only 24% of the pollster's vote. A whopping 69% said they preferred "The Donald" to run again in 2024.

A mission to fix a wrong is at the forefront of many voter's minds. For many who believe there was election fraud that led to Joe Biden being declared the winner of the 2020 election, this is another opportunity to move forward not only from the election results but also the faltering economy that has been left to struggle in the inflation doldrums.

With Trump able to boast low gas prices, a more secure border and inflation below 2%, many Americans are willing to forgive "mean tweets" if it means American energy independence.

The persuasive points for Trump and his allies to deploy against vulnerable Democrats are plentiful this election cycle. Parents have stood up across the country and said they have had enough of transgender ideology and woke curriculum in schools. Local school boards saw major wins for conservatives to set back into practice the teaching of reading, writing and arithmetic, not what sexuality their teacher is and how they can become "gender fluid." This was most evident when parents elected a conservative majority to the Miami-Dade County school board, making it the largest conservative majority school board in the country.

For the past two years, the media gave the Biden administration and other Democrats a free pass, spending more time deflecting attention away from, rather than questioning, their failed policies. Rest assured, the moment Donald Trump announces he is running in 2024, the executive producers of every major media organization will be foaming at the mouth to start running more hit pieces on him, just as they did before, during and after his entire term as president.

The failing numbers of late-night talk show hosts, who abandoned comedy for propaganda-infused skits (see Stephen Colbert's atrocious vaccine dance), will likely see their viewership spike again thanks to their ongoing obsession with a president who has been out of office for 22 months.

This time around, however, Trump knows exactly how they are going to come at him.

The onslaught of personal attacks against himself and his family will be nonstop. The vitriol from Trump's opponents across the political spectrum will reach levels that American society would never expect to appear on mainstream media.

But this announcement is the best chance to fix a broken economy, put out the fire of raging inflation, unleash the unmatched capability of American energy production and most importantly, bring back to the Oval Office someone in leadership who honors the Judeo-Christian values on which the United States was founded.

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