Shawn Bolz on How God Can Use YOU to Change Culture

Can the love of God transform culture, even in a lost and depraved world that seems to be spiraling out of control? And can God use you to make a difference right where you are? Scripture tells us, "For God so loved the world..." So the answer is yes!

Shawn Bolz hopes we are on the verge of another spiritual awakening. In order for that to happen, we as believers need to trust God that we can read the Bible for ourselves, pray and hear God for ourselves.

When we have that foundation in place, we can bring the transformative love of Jesus into every area of society. Shawn declared, "God's basic holiness is permeating the whole world with His love."

When we look at the Bible, we have incredible examples of individuals who shaped their culture.

— Solomon asked God for His inner wisdom and was quite literally the wisest man on earth (1 Kings 4).

— Joseph possessed godly insight that allowed him to create a long-term agricultural policy and infrastructure, in addition to saving thousands of lives during a seven-year famine (Gen. 41-47).

— Daniel, an exile by the Babylonians, lived for years in an atmosphere hostile to God. But in the face of cultural assimilation, He stood firm to his faith while never losing sight of his loyalty to God. In fact, his integrity caused him to rise to the pinnacle of education, position and wealth (Dan. 1).

— Esther knew the power of a first impression. The king not only gave her a double take but he put a ring on it! Due to her influence with her husband, coupled with her courage and conviction, God demonstrated His sovereignty and love for His people (Esth. 2-8).

Even now, God is strategically positioning people to impact all spheres of society. Will you be part of the solution? Jesus wants to use you, wherever you are, whomever you have influence with, to bring God's powerful love to a lost and broken world. If you are willing to listen, God will speak to you about your divine destiny in impacting culture.

If you are struggling to see God's hand on your life or where He has placed you, take a moment and do this exercise.

1. Take three pieces of paper (or open three notes on your phone) and write down a major win in your life at the top of each one.

2. Then write five things that it took you to get to that win. Remember God in those moments. Write down the process of how it all happened and reverse-engineer the process of listening to God at those decision points. What were you praying for during that time? How does God typically talk to you?

3. Then ask God to multiply this process for the future.

It is no accident that you are in the job, position or sphere that you are in right now. You have a sovereign assignment from heaven, and God is waiting to show up and show out through your life!

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