Deliverance From Homosexuality Is Not a Challenge for God, Says Millennial Author

Mya Huff
Mya Huff

New author Mya Huff, an ex-lesbian, hopes that her book not only shuts down the confusion, but also mends broken hearts, minds and souls with the gospel. Read an interview she did with GCM Watch below.

Q: Your book, Homosexuality: Dispel the Myth, Mend the Broken Pieces, enters the scene at a time where there is widespread belief that changing from homosexuality is “dangerous and impossible.” Did that affect what you decided to write?

A: In some ways, yes. That’s one of the myths that needs to dispelled. The Bible says, "Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us" (Eph. 3:20, KJV). If God is able to do what cannot be fathomed by men, why can’t a person be free from homosexuality? That individual is only asking for what their minds are able to process. God can do so much more than setting an individual free. Deliverance is not a challenge to God, by any means. To suggest something is impossible for God challenges who God says He is.

Q: All lies are destructive, but which myth or lie stands out to you as the most destructive one if left unanswered?

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A: One of the biggest myths this book deals with is the limits society tries to place on God. There is a lie that a person can’t be totally free from homosexuality. What the world calls a cure, we call deliverance. To suggest what God can’t do should raise red flags to the masses, but people are falling for it. You never allow anyone to tell you what God can’t do. Is He not more than able?

Q: Amen—He is more than able! Your book isn’t some 90-page quick read. This is a fairly comprehensive rebuttal to a lot of the attendant lies floating around out there.

A: Absolutely. The myths dispelled in this book go beyond the issue of homosexuality. The book is encouraging all of us to reject the lies the enemy has tried to tell the human race. The first thing Satan tried to distort within humanity was our identity. Understanding our identity dictates the perception we have of ourselves and God. Also it’s not enough sometimes to say to an individual, “Just stop what you’re doing” or, “You just need to change.” Sometimes on Sunday morning, the pastor may spend 30 minutes talking on homosexuality, but there are people who need more. That is what this book is for. For broken individuals, broken families, addictions, and those who have been suffering for years with heartbreak. When you see someone struggling with any type of destructive lifestyle, it can be a sign of brokenness. Homosexuality: Dispel the Myth, Mend the Broken Pieces is a book about encouragement, redemption and hope. If anyone is struggling with the lifestyle in secret or openly, in their thoughts or just internally, this book is for them. No one needs to feel condemned. Truth sometimes manifests conviction. Conviction is not condemnation; it is grace. Grace is spiritual rehab, and no matter how long any of us have been saved, we are all checked in.

Q: So for someone who’s gracefully convicted and comes out of lesbianism, when can they expect to get to a place of stability?

A: Stability sometimes comes with a made-up mind. If a person is trying to lose weight, they make one good decision one day at a time. I know for me, my stability came when I was faced with what I once was, and my response was flipped, so to speak. God had to change my mindset and turn it right side up. When my thought process begin to change, it was like seeing the manifestation of the work God was doing in me. When my mind was stable, my actions followed. Deliverance can be a process. So no one should be discouraged if it doesn’t happen overnight. My deliverance did not happen overnight. I had to wait and keep walking. Make up in your mind that tomorrow you will wake up, pick up your cross and keep following Christ. Don’t put so much focus on the what; you are simply dying to your flesh as all men are called to do. We all have to die to something daily.

Q: Some ex-homosexuals are afraid to tell their story for fear of rejection and even retribution. What made you cross that line and put your story out there?

A: To be honest, it wasn’t my choice. This book started out as something different than what it turned out to be. Initially, this book was dealing strictly with heartbreak, in an effort to help others get through those tough seasons. There was nothing about me, homosexuality or my past in the manuscript. When I started out, there was one night around 3 a.m. I had a writer’s block, so I got off the computer. I prayed and asked God, "What do I say next?" And He answered clear as day and said, "Tell the story." I put the covers over my head and acted like I didn’t hear what He just said; He kept talking. I laugh when I think about that now. My reaction was that way because I somewhat understood what God was asking of me.

Q: In the end, all that matters is that we do His will—amen?

A: Writing this book had everything to do with obedience. Sometimes in life it's not that a person is not making an effort; it's about doing what God asked and how He asked it to be done. Frustration and chaos set in when we try to improvise for the specific instructions that God gives us. Look at what happened with Saul and the Amalekites [1 Sam. 15]. It wasn’t that Saul didn’t move when God asked him to; he didn’t finish the work God asked to be done. Partial obedience is still disobedience. That applies to every aspect of our walk with God.

Q: In chapter 2 of the book, you talked about the illusion of homosexuality. Satan projects this front-loaded illusion that its good, normal and desirable.

A: Very much so. The enemy’s job is stimulate the flesh so much that people forget about the state or well-being of their soul. In the body of Christ, we are called to pick up our cross daily and follow Christ, even if that cross comes with discomfort. Most times in discomfort we see it as impossible to be happy. We have forgotten what it means to rejoice in our sufferings [Rom. 5:3]. In this world Satan presents a path where people lay down their cross and at the same time pick up happiness. There is a lie that sometimes has even been preached in the pulpit, that as believers we are not supposed to go through anything. We exist in a realm that is outside of the perfect will of God. That is why we pray for God will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. As the human race, we are only supposed to be passing through our current existence while pursuing an eternal one.

Q: Mya, as I was reading through, this really caught my attention. You wrote: “Breakups in the lesbian community are like nothing you’ve ever seen.” How is that possible with all the media images of happy, smiling lesbian couples looking like they just stepped out of a Mayberry RFD scene?

A: That’s just like the sex movement. The media and entertainment [industry] promotes how pleasurable sex can be. But there’s very little mention in that promotion of soul ties, STDs and teen pregnancy. They show patches of dressed-up bondage with a fine print of chains. Most times people’s brokenness takes place in secret. If someone catches an STD, they are not going to announce it to the world. In the same way, when the bottom falls out of the lifestyle of homosexuality, the media isn’t going to report that.

Q: You also touched on the “gay church” in this book. What type of impact has the “gay church” had on the body of Christ?

A: First, I want to say that God had to teach me that just because someone says church does not mean they are referring to His church. The body of Christ is the bride of Christ Jesus. To suggest this idea of a “gay church” is an effort to distort who God is—holy. Whether people see it that way is another matter entirely. God is not partial when it comes to His Word, and He is not returning for a bride with an identity crisis. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for the same acts people are trying to put a stamp of approval on today. Now you have two men who present themselves as pastor and first gentlemen before God, deeming it acceptable and pleasing, and that is false. The idea of a “gay church” further promotes the false ideology that you can live any type of way and still inherit the kingdom of God. The “gay church” is just the new face of that same deception. But should we be surprised? First it was fornication, and in some ways believers have learned to live with the lie you get a pass because of how the flesh feels. Now that we have gotten deeper down the rabbit hole, people are “shocked.” Lust knows no gender and is never satisfied. We have stopped preaching holiness, because it “hurts” people’s feelings. In some ways we opened the door.

Q: In your journey out of lesbianism, other than the Lord, who’s been an inspiration to you?

A: Joyce Meyer. Beauty for Ashes is my favorite book by her. Hearing what God did for her was amazing and inspiring. Taking her through the process [of] freedom, forgiveness and deliverance was eye-opening. It was like if this woman learned to trust God again after all she had been through, He can help me get to that same place. Reading Joyce Meyer’s story, I was reminded there is nothing too hard for God.

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