Deny Jesus or Die

During Ramadan last year, Marco and Mina, two boys from Egypt, watched as their father and other faithful believers were killed because of their faith in Jesus.

The boys were caught up in an attack on a bus of pilgrims who were on their way to the monastery of St. Samuel, where their father was a security guard.

 "Deny Jesus or die" was the choice given to each person!

Mina says, "They forced our father to get out first. The terrorist shouted he had to convert to Islam. But my father said no. Then they shot him."

Marco's and Mina's lives were miraculously spared. But that terrifying event from one year ago still plays through their minds on a daily basis.

Marco recalls his last moments with his father, "My father was still breathing. He couldn't talk anymore, but he wiggled his fingers, signing us to go away. But we didn't want to leave him there. Then I put my father on my chest. Soon my clothes were soaked with his blood, but I didn't care."

May 15 marks the start of Ramadan, the Islamic Holy month, when Muslims fast and pray for 30 days. During this season, the faith of many Christians is exposed because they don't participate in fasting or calls to prayer—sometimes making them subject to harassment or discrimination.

And in some twisted versions of Islam followed by extremist radicals, Christians even face the threat of physical violence and death. That's why it's so important that we stand together with believers like Marco and Mina to let them know they're not alone.

To provide support for persecuted Christians in Egypt and other Muslim-dominated countries now, please click here.

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