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Mario Murillo: Stop Guilting Christians Into Accepting President Biden

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Preachers stood in their pulpits and insulted, rebuked and rejected Donald Trump while he was president. Now they insist that you are not a good Christian unless you accept Joe Biden.

Even if they do not know it, they are siding with Facebook and YouTube—who are calling for censorship and criminal charges against Christians who question the validity of Biden's election.

These preachers were wrong before, and they are wrong now.

Still other high-profile evangelical leaders are much more gentle in their advice that we at least commend Biden if he does something right. The issue with that is that it denies the reality of what is really going on: a puppet and a rogue government.

No one should be guilting Christians into accepting Joe Biden. And yes, there are sound biblical reasons for rejecting him.

But before I show you what the Bible instructs us to do in this situation, we need to address the biggest lie. The biggest lie says we need to accept the election and settle the issue of Biden's presidency, once and for all, so that we can get back to normal and the nation can heal.

Let me ask you. How can we get back to normal while Biden is plunging the nation into chaos and glorifying things God hates? And how can we heal when, every day, Biden tears the nation apart with insulting rhetoric and inflammatory actions aimed at the church?

God and His Word tell us what to do about Biden. Luke 13:31-32 (AMPC) says, "At that very hour some Pharisees came up and said to Him, 'Go away from here, for Herod is determined to kill You.' And He said to them, 'Go and tell that fox [sly and crafty, skulking and cowardly], Behold, I drive out demons and perform healings today and tomorrow, and on the third day I finish (complete) My course.'"

Herod had crossed a line that made it appropriate for Jesus to label him a fox—a label that we will expand on later. But Jesus is loving. Why is He disrespecting Herod's office of king by calling him names? And more importantly, why is He refusing to obey the king?

Albert Barnes said in his commentary, "Tell that fox—A fox is an emblem of slyness, of cunning and of artful mischief. The word is also used to denote a dissembler. Herod was a wicked man, but the 'particular thing' to which Jesus here alludes, is not his 'vices,' but his 'cunning, his artifice,' in endeavoring to remove [Jesus] out of his territory. [Herod] had endeavored to do it by stratagem—by sending these [Pharisees] who pretended great friendship for his life. [Jesus is saying], 'Behold, I cast out devils, announce to him the fact that I am working miracles in his territory, and that I shall continue to do it. I am not afraid of his art or his enmity. I am engaged in My appropriate work, and shall continue to be, as long as is proper, in spite of his arts and his threats.'"

The American church must confront all the leftist leaders: Biden, Harris, Newsom, Whitmer and Cuomo, et al., the same way that Jesus confronted Herod. The American church must say, "You will not close our doors or stop the miracles of God that flow from our ministries!"

Every American Christian must see that Biden is a puppet for a sinister cabal. He is the ailing mouthpiece of a dark and destructive agenda; an agenda that no Christian can support.

Biden is a weak Herod, but a Herod, nonetheless. I could cite many examples, but here are just a few:

— He wants to make it a criminal act to question his election. He wants to label anyone who still believes that Trump won as homegrown terrorists and he wants to close down their businesses. Glenn Kirschner, a DOJ operative, launched a campaign to force "every business in America" to take a pledge that states, in part, that "the 2020 presidential election was free and fair, and produced accurate, reliable results."

— He locks down Americans in the name of stopping infections, but he allows illegals who are sick with a new strain of COVID to freely enter and then roam our nation. Untold numbers of potentially sick people have been released into our communities.

— Here is a list of his goals: to use tax money to fund abortions, up to, and after birth; eliminate capital punishment; confiscate firearms and shut down gun manufacturers; defund the police; pay reparations to African Americans; raise taxes up to 70%; push the green agenda; close down coal and oil projects; spend trillions on "clean energy," and increase the national debt; stop building the wall at the border and give billions to illegals; allow them to vote; pack the courts; change voter laws; eliminate the Electoral College; undo all that Trump accomplished; divide Israel and Jerusalem into two nations; give billions to Palestinians; reinstate the Iran Nuclear deal; allow transgenders in the military and in women's sports; allow transgender men into women's restrooms and locker rooms; support gay marriage; legalize hard drugs; alter international trade agreements so they favor other nations and drive businesses out of America overseas; expand Obamacare; force religious organizations to hire LGBTQs; tax churches; brainwash students; persecute the church; demand vaccination passports; and many, many more failed and dangerous policies.

Biden's actions reside outside the law of man and God. Therefore, we must relate to him as a rogue president, and we must therefore relate to God as our leader at this moment.

And we must continue the work of God, without interruption―no matter what. Now you know why we must stop guilting Christians into accepting Joe Biden.

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