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Todd Starnes Interviews Stephen Strang: Democrats Can’t Stop Trump’s Aftershocks

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Many conservatives were disappointed to see the Democrats taking the House in this week’s midterm election. But I believe the aftershocks Trump has set in place will continue to push America in the right direction. The U.S. Embassy will still be in Jerusalem, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh will still be in the Supreme Court, taxes will still be cut and the economy will still be booming.

I explained my position to Todd Starnes yesterday when he interviewed me on his podcast about my latest book, Trump Aftershock. As I told Starnes, Trump has already been facing opposition from Never-Trumpers and the left, so I don’t believe a Democrat-majority House will be able to hinder his agenda for the nation.

The opposition may fiercely object to Trump, but what I’ve found through research—including personal interviews with Never-Trumpers—is that what people most disagree with is his style. In fact, many of them are even beginning to soften toward him. You can only be enraged so long, after all.

In a way, I think the president came out ahead in this week’s election because the people who opposed him about Kavanaugh are all gone. And I can’t say that surprises me. The debacle surrounding Kavanaugh was one of the most despicable things in Congress I’ve ever seen. Now, of course, one of the women has confessed to making up her accusation of rape against Kavanaugh.

I write more about this opposition—and Trump’s accomplishments despite it—in Trump Aftershock, which came out this week. My goal in writing this book was to help readers understand what’s really going on—to write the story the media won’t tell. I shed light on all the good Trump has done for the nation, and yet I’m not afraid to deal with the less pleasant aspects of his presidency, either. I confront our nation’s explosive debt crisis as well as Trump’s sometimes unsavory word choices. But the book’s content isn’t simply my opinion—I back up my claims and assertions with 37 pages of research!

Trump Aftershock is really the sequel to God and Donald Trump, in which I detail how God worked miracles to raise up Trump and set him in as U.S. president. Because of my Christian journalistic approach, though, when I wrote that first book, I found it difficult to get interviews with secular media. The only secular network that would interview me at the time was Fox News—that is, until the Stormy Daniels news broke. At that point, the media were looking for any evangelicals who would recant their support for Trump.

Unfortunately for liberal media, I have never withdrawn my support for the president. After all, isn’t the Christian faith all about forgiveness? And who among us is perfect? Yet God still chooses to use us, just as I believe God is still using Trump to fulfill His purposes for the U.S.

You can read more about how God is using Trump in our nation in Trump Aftershock. Order your own copy today at, where you can also download a free chapter called “America at War With Itself.”

Listen to the podcast below to hear my full interview with Todd Starnes!

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