Ex-Lesbian Issues Vital Warning to the Church

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While the world watches a grown man leave his wife and children and transform himself to look and live like a woman, what should be the response of the church? While drag queens are allowed to promote their identity confusion right in the midst of the public library to our 4 and 5-year-old children, where is the biblical representation to stand against this atrocity? Does the church even have a voice as the world applauds a preteen boy headlining gay bars as a drag queen? What about the parents who have made a conscious choice to go against God's biological DNA for the baby and will allow the child to choose their gender regardless of the gender they were born with? While all of this happens right before us, where are the fire baptized preachers who mount our pulpits weekly and proclaim the great power of God to heal, deliver and set free? Why is the church so silent?

Isaiah 58:1 is a call for us to cry aloud and not hold back. God wants the church to open their mouths and show people their transgressions. Jesus was not ashamed to speak truth. He went into the synagogue without hesitation and flipped over the money changers' tables when they were in error (Mark 11:15). John the Baptist spoke up against the adultery of Herodias (Matt. 14:3-4). Yet, while this gender identity crisis soars and becomes an epidemic, the church almost seems to go on as usual unmoved by the demonic vices that are impacting our society. The biblical example set by John and Jesus himself almost seems irrelevant.

Can our lack of speaking out against these sins actually be a message within itself? Absolutely. Our silence either shows our lack of concern or our willingness to compromise and accept the influence of their lifestyle. When we say nothing, we actually are saying a whole lot. Churches are going on conferences, having great programs and worship services without any representation in our government or school systems. Church members remain uninformed or apathetic about the current trends happening around them. We seem comfortable that states are adding "X" to legal documents like birth certificates so people can alter their God- given biological gender.

What would Jesus do? Could our Lord and Savior sit and agree with a man or woman who tells him to His face that He made a mistake in the gender He chose for them? Would He agree with the lawmakers who say the church cannot offer any gay man or woman hope through therapy or counseling? Would Jesus continue His life as if none of this was happening? Would that be the same Jesus who flipped the money changers' tables over because they defiled His Father's house?

When we shut our mouths, we are in fact telling the hopeless that we have no hope to offer them. When we refuse to speak up against their sin, we are letting them believe that God is still winking at them and not commanding them to repent. We are telling them without telling them that their sin is okay in our eyes. We remain silent to keep from offending them, but do we offend God by our silence?
The unspoken message is perhaps the clearest message that we don't truly believe God can love them and change them to wholeness. It is as if Jesus never commissioned us to go into the world and preach this gospel to the lost. If we can sit without a word as the world turns up the volume on their sinful ways, we are in essence saying our God has no power to change the lives of people.

Do you believe the gospel you say you live every day? Do you believe in God's ability to change lives and the hope that Jesus offers? He surely is an awesome God, but do you believe He can do the impossible? Then speak up and say something. Get involved. Go to the lawmakers and demand that your voice count just as much as anyone else's.

Protect the innocence of your children by taking part in those entities that make the decisions for the curriculum and the educational system. Our voice must be heard. The truth of God's Word is powerful enough to stand on. We must get out of our comfort zone and speak up for righteousness. The standard is still holiness and we should never fail to express it. If we don't say something against this evil, then who will?

Listen to this podcast to hear Janet Boynes' testimony.

Janet Boynes founded Janet Boynes Ministries in Maple Grove, Minnesota, in 2006. She has authored three books and challenges individuals and the church to reach out with a message of hope and restoration to the homosexual community. Her articles have been featured on the front cover of Charisma magazine, Called magazine, Power for Living, Bound magazine and many more. Called out of the lesbian lifestyle, her life is proof that the love of God has the power to heal and restore the brokenness in our lives. Janet travels the U.S. and overseas and shares her story of redemption. Her desire is to bring hope through the power of Jesus Christ.

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