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Morning Rundown: Are the Red Heifers a Sign of the End Times?


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Are the Red Heifers a Sign of the End Times?

What do the red heifers mean for our current day and age?

Most people might wonder what a cow, a red heifer in specific, has to do with the end times. Yet, there is something profound to be understood about the red heifers when we dive into biblical prophecy.

In his exclusive Beyond The Article video, Charisma Media staff writer James Lasher discussed the importance of what the red heifers mean for us as we look at the coming end of the age.

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Snakes in the Grass, Part 1: Be Careful What You Wish for, Preacher

This is Part 1 of a two-part article. Watch for Part 2, coming soon to Charisma News.

I’m so glad I never had the popularity and platform Mike Bickle had. I’m so glad I’m not a megapastor of a megachurch or that people made a celebrity out of me. I’m so glad the Lord never allowed me to rise to any kind of ministry prominence. I’m afraid if He had, I would have ceased to be a man after His own heart. In fact, many years ago, the Lord told me that.

Often we do not know what we are asking the Lord for. He withholds some things from us because of His love and protection. We are not ready for many things. As a younger minister, when I prayed and asked God for such things, He enlightened my understanding. Ministry popularity is an addiction for many. What lessons there are to learn from scoundrels and scandals that are now being exposed!

Bickle is still trying to preserve the “prophetic history” of his ministry. If this is true, as has been reported, what a sad state to be in: that even after these allegations of sexual immorality and abuse, even after hurting so many people, even after misrepresenting the Lord Jesus Christ, even after mishandling the Word of God—this man wants to preserve the ministry’s prophetic history. What? This is the awful depths of a man addicted not to Jesus, as many thought, but to “ministry.” This is a representation and an example of what exists on a much wider scale in both large and smaller works, ministries and churches. The name of the game seems to be the protecting of our own projects and the popularity and status derived from them, not to mention that stash of cash.

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WATCH: Woman Manifests Demon During Baptism

It’s hard to deny the supernatural when you see it play out right in front of your eyes.

In one of his latest reaction videos, Kap Chatfield shared a video from Jesus Christ Street Ministry that showed a woman manifesting a demon during her baptism.

The video starts with the woman and the man baptizing her already in a body of water. As soon as she starts to move down into the water, the woman immediately screams with terror and resists going under the water. The entire time the man baptizing her keeps his hand on her head, praying in the Spirit. Other people around her can be heard praying in tongues, arms extended toward her in prayer.{eoa}

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