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Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna’s Testimony: ‘I Didn’t Have a Back Up Plan’

The world was completely floored when Blac Chyna, whose real name is Angela White, turned over her life to Jesus and was baptized back in 2022. Now, she’s sharing her testimony of coming to faith with Christian music artist Lecrae. As Church Leaders noted, White became known for stripping, rapping and modeling. Her fame took […]

The Promise of Pentecostal Power: Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Jesus’ earthly ministry was limited to only a few years. However, after the Resurrection and Pentecost, it was and is still being multiplied through Spirit-empowered believers. Their ministries today, guided and equipped by the Holy Spirit, continue to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and the coming kingdom of God. These called and chosen ones declare […]

What the Church Could Learn From LGBTQ+ Activists

In October 2007 I delivered a series of lectures on the subject of “Homosexuality, the Church and Society.” These lectures were held at the Booth Playhouse in the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, and they attracted considerable attention from the local media. One of the lectures was titled, “What […]

The Ten Commandments 1

Are the Ten Commandments Returning to Classrooms?

Is America on the precipice of bringing God back into the fold of society and righting the wrong that was made decades ago? As education in America continues to sputter and fail at actually instructing youth in being productive, moral and upstanding citizens, it now appears that several states are going back to the basics […]


Trail Life USA Is Solving the Crisis Affecting Boys

The Boy Scouts of America have officially rebranded as “Scouting America,” marking a significant shift as the organization continues its efforts to be more inclusive. This change coincides with the fifth anniversary of welcoming girls into the Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA programs. “Our number one job is to get kids in this program, one […]

Joe Biden

Biden’s Failed Race Baiting: ‘Black Men are Being Killed in the Street’

President Biden has been at it again with his colorful commencement speech at Morehouse College in Atlanta. During his speech at Morehouse, a historic African American university, Biden focused on targeting young, African American men with a message of hopelessness and despair. “You started college just as George Floyd was murdered. And there was a […]

California will be baptized

California Church Experiences State-Wide Revival with 30,000 Baptisms

A California church, Oceans Church, is no stranger to holding mass baptisms. According to the Washington Times, the church held a 2023 initiative called “Baptize SoCal” where 4,166 people where baptized at Pirates Cove in Newport Beach. Now, the church made its goal to baptize 30,000 people this past Pentecost Sunday with “Baptize California” in […]

Semi crash

MUST SEE: 18-Wheeler Dangles from Bridge, Driver Credits God

Newly released dashcam footage of an accident that left a massive semitruck dangling from a bridge earlier this year is going viral—and for good reason. The shocking footage of the Kentucky four-vehicle crash, which unfolded Mar.1, on the Clark Memorial Bridge in Louisville, Kentucky, is absolutely terrifying. The accident allegedly took place after Trevor W. […]

children drowning Faithwire

Parents Praise God After Daughters Miraculously Saved From Nearly Drowning

Parents in northernmost Oklahoma are crediting God for miraculously intervening after their two young daughters survived a horrific near-drowning incident. “We do believe God was there,” Jacob McKnight, the little girls’ father, told KWTV-DT. “We believe that there’s a miracle at play.” The McKnights—who have three girls, 4-year-old Callie, 6-year-old Zoey, 1-year-old Eleanor and another on […]

Iranian president

Death of Iran’s President Sends Shockwaves Around the World

JERUSALEM, Israel – Iranian state TV confirmed Monday that Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi died in a helicopter crash on Sunday. His death shocks the Iranian regime while its proxies are at war with Israel.    As the Netanyahu government interprets what his death will mean in the war with those proxies, the prime minister is being challenged […]

Benjamin Netanyahu

ICC Prosecutor Seeks Arrest Warrant for Israeli and Hamas leaders, including Netanyahu

JERUSALEM (AP) – The chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court said Monday he is seeking arrest warrants for Israeli and Hamas leaders, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in connection with their actions during the seven-month war between Israel and Hamas. Karim Khan said that he believes Netanyahu, his defense minister Yoav Gallant and […]

Garcia Shepherd Unsplash

God’s Character as a Shepherd in Your Life

“And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: ‘Son of man, prophesy against the shepherds of Israel. Prophesy and say to those shepherds, “Thus says the Lord God: Woe to the shepherds of Israel who feed themselves! Should not the shepherds feed the flock?”’” (Ezek. 34:1-2). As stated in Psalm 23, the Lord […]

Shariat Pentecost Pixabay 1

Pentecost 2024: Iran Christian Church Born at Pentecost

Memories are short, and important information can get lost over time. That collective memory fog and subsequent events can shape what future generations believe or think, and consequently how they act. Take Iran, for example. A series of events occurring in Iran back in 1979 profoundly reshaped the country’s landscape, namely the overthrow of the […]


Top of the Week: LA Marzulli Answers: Have the Nephilim Invaded Gaza?

Following are snippets of the top stories posted over the past week on We encourage you to visit the links to read the stories in full.  LA Marzulli Answers: Have the Nephilim Invaded Gaza? Are there Nephilim in the Middle East? In his most recent interview with Charisma Media, L.A. Marzulli discusses the possibility […]

New Weapons for a New Threat: How AI, Robots and Deepfakes Will Change Everything

By Todd Coconato In our rapidly advancing digital age, technologies such as artificial intelligence robots, deepfakes and other innovations are poised to be game changers in how we live, work and perceive the world around us. These advancements present both unprecedented opportunities and significant challenges. For the people of God and the church, it is […]


Top of the Week:  LA Marzulli Answers: Have the Nephilim Invaded Gaza?

Following are snippets of the top stories posted over the past week on We encourage you to visit the links to read the stories in full.  LA Marzulli Answers: Have the Nephilim Invaded Gaza? Are there Nephilim in the Middle East? In his most recent interview with Charisma Media, L.A. Marzulli discusses the possibility […]

Pope Francis

Vatican Tightens Rules on Entertaining the Supernatural

The Catholic Church is tightening their rules about how to deal with the supernatural. In a newly released document, the Vatican is advising bishops no longer act alone when dealing with supernatural phenomena such as blood-soaked crucifixes and apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Instead, bishops should consult with the Vatican. The Vatican’s announcement acknowledged that […]

Perry Stone and JFK

Perry Stone Unveils: Shocking New Mystery Behind JFK Murder

The assassination of President Kennedy may have more spiritual significance than anyone first thought. In a recent video, Perry Stone unlocked a spiritual mystery revolving around JFK’s death. Recounting details from Pastor Davis, a former missionary in Haiti during Kennedy’s presidency, Stone says it’s quite possible that an occult leader from Haiti placed a curse […]

Brown Butker FB

Outrage Over a Catholic Commencement Speech at a Catholic College

While a petition calling for the firing of Harrison Butker, one of the greatest placekickers in the NFL, has gained more than 100,000 signatures, sales of his jersey are skyrocketing. Why all the controversy? This past Sunday, Butker, who plays for the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and is a traditional Catholic, delivered the […]

Jackson Winger Hinn Matt CM

Mike Winger Says Benny Hinn Is Not a Christian During Interview With Charisma

Christian YouTuber Mike Winger, who is an ordained pastor but not currently shepherding a church, recently spoke with Charisma Media’s John Matarazzo about his four-hour video, titled “The Victims of Benny Hinn: 30 years of Spiritual Deception.” Seventeen days after posting his viral video, Winger shared in a separate video that Hinn was attempting to […]

Holy Spirit and water

The Day of Pentecost Reversed an Old Testament Curse

The day of Pentecost is a critical day for Christians. It is the day the Holy Spirit came and filled the 120 followers of Jesus and empowered Peter to preach to the masses. Without the coming of the Holy Spirit, there would be no power, authority and guidance to go and fulfill the Great Commission. […]

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