Christian Doctor Who Was Raised From the Dead Launches 2020 UK Tour


Following successful speaking tours of America and Canada, Dr. Sean George is heading to the U.K. in May 2020 to share the miraculous story of how God brought him back to life.

In October 2008, Dr. George had been running a medical clinic in Esperance on the southern coast of Western Australia when he discovered he was having a heart attack. Despite receiving emergency treatment at a nearby health center, he was clinically dead for one hour and 25 minutes. But then God answered his wife’s prayers at his bedside, and he came back to life.

“When I woke up three days later and I was able to piece the story together, I was initially in shock because medically this was not possible,” remembers Dr. George. “I was alive, and my brain was 100% normal and I began to realize that God had performed a Lazarus kind of miracle in my life.”

Dr. George says this remarkable second chance at life has radically impacted his perspective on making every moment count to share what God has done: “Realizing that my life could have ended there has made me ask myself the question, ‘What am I going to do with the new innings that God has given me? How is it going to be different from my past?’

“I can certainly tell you it has changed the way I live my life, and the focus of my life has not been to just live to put food on the table or become a great doctor, but to be able to share what God has done so that the eternity of others can be positively impacted by my life. I try and make my second life given to me count.”

As part of that new urgency and passion in his life, Dr. George concluded by explaining why he is coming all the way to the U.K. in May-June 2020: “I am really hoping to be able to share my story and the gospel to as many in the U.K. as I can, in the time that I am there. I believe that God has laid it upon my heart and the hearts of others in the U.K. My desire and hope is that as many as possible will be given a reasonable chance to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.” {eoa}

Peter Wooding is an award-winning radio, TV and print journalist. Peter has worked as news editor at UCB Radio in the U.K. and has reported from countries around the world, such as Russia, Serbia, South Sudan, Ukraine and Mozambique. He is a media missionary for ASSIST News and Mercy Projects U.K. and is London bureau chief for Global News Alliance. Peter lives in North Wales, U.K., with his wife, Sharon, and their three daughters, Sarah, Anna and Abigail.

This article originally appeared at Assist News.


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