Top of the Week: Justin Bieber’s Struggle With Spiritual Warfare

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Justin Bieber’s Struggle With Spiritual Warfare

Stephen Baldwin is asking all Christians to pray for Justin and Hailey Bieber, who are in the middle of a spiritual battle.

While the actor did not give details about the exact issue the Biebers are in need of prayer for, the re-post that originated from Victor Marx explained how the trials the couple is facing are unique due to their positions of influence, and that they are under clear attacks from the enemy.

“Christians, please when you think of Justin & Hailey, take a moment to offer a little prayer for them,” the Feb. 26 reel from Victor Marx said. “to have wisdom, protection and to draw close to the Lord.”

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Jonathan Cahn Battles Dark Forces in Unprecedented Spiritual Warfare

Is there a 3,000-year-old mystery that holds the key to the Hamas invasion on Israel? Are we living in the end of days? And what does the future hold?

In a major announcement, Jonathan Cahn revealed his big news for 2024: the upcoming release of his latest book, “The Dragon’s Prophecy: Israel, the Dark Resurrection, and the End of Days.”

“This is the first glimpse of what’s coming,” Cahn says in the announcement video.

A certain prophetic ministry conducts a three-day workshop in local churches. But here’s where some of these ministries err. Not all prophecy is from heaven to earth or from God to man. There is a big element of prophecy that is from earth to heaven or even earth to earth. For example, speaking or singing in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to the Lord is prophecy. This can also be done in ministry to one another (Col. 3:16). Preaching and teaching by divine inspiration is also prophetic in nature. Anytime someone speaks by divine inspiration, there is a measure of prophecy in it.

I believe we do a great disservice to the body of Christ when we relegate all prophecy as being from heaven to earth. Often what happens then is believers start assuming they are prophets, and they begin to attempt to move into predictive prophecy or foretelling. This abuse and extremism is one of the reasons the prophetic movement has been misunderstood and sensationalized.

Educators make simple things complicated. True equippers make complicated things simple. We need more equippers.

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Is God Sending America a Prophetic Warning in April?

There is an incredible celestial event taking place on April 8, 2024—The Great America Eclipse.

Millions are anticipating this rare celestial event and the amazing natural phenomena that will take place as the a total eclipse ensues.

Meanwhile, faith leaders such as Bishop Alan DiDio of Encounter Today and Pastor Troy Brewer sat down at the National Religious Broadcasters convention this past February to discuss the spiritual implications behind it.

Billy Graham’s Final Surviving Sibling, Jean Graham Ford, Dead at 91

Jean Graham Ford, wife of evangelist Leighton Ford and the only remaining sibling of renowned evangelist Billy Graham, died on Feb. 29 at age 91.

Her nephew Franklin Graham shared the news on Facebook, noting that his father, “sought her counsel on many issues during his lifetime” and that “We are thankful for her life that impacted so many when she would share her testimony, saying, ‘Sometimes it’s so difficult to trust our lives to the Lord Jesus Christ, and yet to me, there’s no option. That happened to be ingrained in my, my trust in what He promises; my trust in who I know Him to be.”


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