What Does the Rapture Mean for Israel in the End Times?


How does the rapture connect to Israel?

Discussing the end times significance of the rapture, Amir Tsarfati explained how certain Scriptures about the end times, the tribulation and the rapture deal with specific places and future events that will happen in Israel. This includes even the meaning of who the ‘elect’ are in the Bible.

“The word ‘elect,’” Tsarfati says, “it is referring in the gospels sometimes to Israel and sometimes to the church.”

One of the pivotal end time prophecies of Matthew 24:15 describes a place of desolation. This place, Tsarfati says, is in Jerusalem.

The time of Jesus’ return is also connected to the Feast of the Trumpets, which is a core celebration for the Jewish people.

Israel’s connection to the end times goes even further as described in Daniel chapter 9 where 70 weeks are about victory for Israel.

“The tribulation is for Israel’s salvation,” Tsarfati says.

When it comes to the return of Christ, Tsarfati believes the ultimate Feast of Trumpets will sound.

“When we return with Him, the Jews will blow the trumpet on the Feast of Trumpets. And the whole world will see Him returning with us. But when we go up [in the rapture] nobody will see us. We will be gone like that,” Tsarfati says.

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