The Mystery of the Inverted Angel Has Been Unlocked


Our understanding of good and evil tends to be different than God’s. But can the angelic hosts themselves be deceived away from good and prompted toward evil?

“The word ‘Satan’ means one who goes against, who opposes,” Cahn says. “He’s the one who turns against existence. He’s not an enemy; he’s the enemy.”

Satan was an angel before he rebelled against God and was thrown out of heaven. Now, he is the ultimate source of perversion, turning good things into wicked things. The name ‘Satan’ even refers back to the word, ‘diabolis.’ Cahn says this means he is one who sends out attacks at an opponent. And while the enemy exists to steal, kill and destroy, it is key to know that Satan does not act as an equal counter-partner to God. Instead, what Satan does is take the good and twist it around into something heinous.

“It’s an inversion of the good. It’s a parasitic version,” Cahn says. “So, it’s not God versus a god. It’s an angel created against God, the creation against the Creator, which comes from sin.”

The goal of Satan as the “inverted angel” is to turn God’s people away from what is pure and noble.

This means it is Satan’s highest goal to twist God’s Word in hopes that it will bring destruction onto us as the ones created in God’s image.

For Christians, it is imperative to know that God is not only bigger than the enemy, but that He is the pathway to life. Using wisdom and discernment according to God’s precepts is vital for staying out of the snares of the enemy. Reading Scripture in its correct context and communing with the Lord are ways we can move away from the whispers of the enemy and toward the goodness of God.

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