Jenny Weaver’s Spiritual Warning: It’s Time to Get Unstuck


We all go through hardships and spiritual ruts in life. However, learning how to come out of these tumultuous storms is the key to walking in spiritual authority.

“I’m talking to the people that know that God is calling them to something different,” Weaver says. “You’re stuck and you’re waiting for God to wake you up one day and ‘unstuck’ you…that’s pride.

“A lot of it is actually these thoughts and these things, these cliches that are rooted in fear,” she continues. “It’s not that you want God to move you. It’s that you actually don’t want to move because you’re comfortable.”

Weaver says regardless of warfare or surroundings believers must keep pursuing the purposes and plans God has for them. The fear and attacks about moving in a certain direction does not mean God doesn’t want you to go down the path He’s planned out for your life. Instead, Christians are called to keep moving, keep pursuing Jesus, with eyes fixed on Him at all times.

Weaver warns about being stuck in grief as well. The only way to move forward with the Lord is to let go of the pains of the past, no matter what kind of mourning you’ve experienced.

“Some of you are dwelling and dwelling and dwelling on what happened. Can we put that to rest?” Weaver asks.

God wants to birth new things through His people. However, we have to first let go of the old to make room for what He wants to do next.

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Abby Trivett is a content development editor for Charisma Media.