Trump's Lawyer Pulls the Curtain Back on the Politicking Surrounding the 2020 Election

Christina Bobb (MSNBC YouTube channel screenshot)

America may never have another free and fair election if multitudes of more Christians don't get involved in the process to preserve election integrity in 2024 at a grassroots level, warns Christina Bobb, a rising star in the conservative movement, a former "One America News" commentator, and one of President Trump's lawyers.

Bobb is sounding the alarm that election irregularities, inconsistencies and manipulation, along with broken chains of custody, are much worse than many American voters are aware of. She traveled across the country for two years studying what went wrong with the 2020 election, and she hopes that the revelations from her research, talking to election officials, political party leaders and volunteers, will generate a great awakening from coast to coast about what is needed to fix the mess in which elections currently are.

Bobb pulls back the curtain of politicking surrounding the infamous 2020 election in her new book "Stealing Your Vote: The Inside Story of the 2020 Election and What It Means for 2024." In her book, which came out on Jan. 24, she tells stories of election issues at the local level that have not been widely reported yet.

Her new book reveals the dirty politics that define American elections in the 21st century.

Part of the answer to address this crisis in elections in America is, she asserts, increased involvement of Bible-believing conservatives and Spirit-sensitive Christians in every state. But she believes large swaths of the Christian community need to wake up to the reality of election fraud across the nation and put aside fear to not only pray but also to take action.

"Quite frankly, there is not enough people, not enough Christians, involved in elections to offset what I call the corruption and manipulation by people in power over elections," says Bobb. "In order to counteract that, we need a lot more people with the right values and commitment to honesty and integrity to get involved in elections at the grassroots and local level. If we as Christians don't get involved in elections and make changes, we are in deep trouble as a nation, and I am not exaggerating. As my book details, I have seen it up close and personal."

She adds, "People need to realize that we are in a fight for our country as we know it. You don't have the luxury to sit by and not get involved. It's actually not hard to get involved."

She questions why so many Christians sit on the sidelines of the democratic processes of the United States and watch globalists and leftist-sympathizers increase their influence with every election. This trend threatens religious freedom and other individual rights, asserting an anti-Christian agenda masquerading in "wokeness," "tolerance" and even "kindness," so the elite power-brokers can neutralize the power and influence of the body of Christ on earth.

"There's been a lie going around that the church should play in their little corner, go to church on Sunday, have your meetings or whatever, but stay out of society, stay out of elections. But it's just not true. Don't believe the lie. The fact is that we need the church as purveyors of the truth to be involved in the government and especially elections as the path to freedom."

She questions how church pastors can talk about the Israelites coming out of slavery in the Bible but then allow members of their congregation to go deeper into modern-day psychological slavery due to corrupt elections and a culture of anti-Christian propaganda bathed in fear and threats.

2023CMPrintcoverBobb claims that Democrats and establishment Republicans alike are trying to shut down freedom for Americans, especially religious freedom for conservative Christians.

"The church will have to go underground in America if these corrupt people in power get what they want. The COVID pandemic and shutdowns are small potatoes compared to what they have planned for America. Look at what was stated at the World Economic Forum recently. They are essentially trying to enslave the world."

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Editor's Note: This is the first of a two-part series.

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