Jonathan Cahn Prophetic Message: The Day Congress Prayed to a Pagan God

Is there a mystery that lies behind the events that have shaken America from the storming of Capitol Hill to the present day, a mystery that underlies the forces that are transforming our nation before our very eyes?

If there is such a mystery, what does it all mean? Where is it all heading? And what does the future hold?

Jonathan Cahn, author of his most recent New York Times bestseller, The Harbinger II, reveals that there is such a mystery—a biblical template behind what is happening in our world today, even since the end of Donald Trump's presidency. In a YouTube video from May 2021, Cahn delivers a prophetic message that reveals even more about this mind-blowing mystery, which is a follow-up to his blockbuster best-selling book The Paradigm.

A Stunning Connection

"This is a prophetic message of a different kind," Cahn says in the video. "You won't hear it on the news or from the media establishment. But I believe it's going to open your eyes to a whole other realm of stunning connections that lie behind what is taking place all around us...It's going to culminate in what it means...and what you need to know for what lies ahead."

Cahn says the mystery is not political, although it touches the political realm—and all realms. But he says it's above that, it's spiritual. It's about the very course and future of America.

Cahn has written several books, starting with The Harbinger in 2008, which included warnings that are clearly manifesting today. But the mystery Cahn opens up in this video is the continued manifestation of the mystery he revealed in book The Paradigm, published in 2017 by Charisma Media.

"The Paradigm is not a prophecy," says Cahn. "But in the scriptures are templates that can replay, and that God can use to speak and give revelation. The template of The Paradigm concerns a nation—ancient Israel that once knew God—but is now rapidly falling away from Him and heading ultimately for judgment. America is also a nation that once knew God and is now rapidly falling away from Him. And the warning is that its course ultimately leads to judgment."

Cahn says that The Paradigm contains specific ancient prototypes that lie behind modern leaders on the national stage of our time. He doesn't name the ancient Kings or queens of the paradigm except one—the one that involves Donald Trump.

The Bible and Current Events Collide

"The first King from ancient Israel is a divided man who knows of God but leads the nation in apostasy from God," says Cahn. "He is linked to a culture war in his nation which accelerates his country's fall from God. That ancient King is the prototype of President Clinton, who is the antitype."

In The Paradigm, Cahn sites many convergences between the ancient kings of the Bible and current leaders of today, beginning with President Clinton:

  • The first ancient King's reign was known for scandals—so too, was the Clinton presidency.

  • Bill Clinton entered the national stage as Governor in 1979 and his presidency ended in 2001, so his time on the national stage was 22 years. The ancient King in the Bible was also on the national stage for 22 years (1 Kings 16:29).

  • The ancient King was unique in that he ruled in a co-regency with his wife, who was committed to carrying out an anti-biblical agenda. She championed a religious practice and worship of Baal that involved the killing of little children. So also the Clinton presidency was unique in that observers labeled it a co-presidency, and Hillary also championed an anti-biblical agenda involving the killing of little children: abortion.

  • In the 19th year of the ancient King's time on the national stage, a scandal broke out in his administration. In the 19th year of Clinton's days on the national stage, the chief scandal of his presidency surfaced. In the paradigm, three years after the ancient king's scandal, his reign came to an end. Clinton's presidency ended in 2001 on January 20. Go back three years to January 20 1998—the very night the scandal broke out, three years to the exact day.

  • The ancient King actually voiced repentance temporarily for his sins. Three years after he did that, a calamity came upon the nation. Clinton also voiced repentance for his sins, it happened in a White House gathering. Three years exactly after that day was September 11, 2001—the day that calamity came upon America.

  • After the end of the ancient King's reign, his queen continued to inhabit the political realm and lived in the capital city. So Hillary Clinton followed the ancient prototype and continued to inhabit the political realm on the national stage and lived in the capital city, continuing as a champion of abortion.

  • Then, another King rose up who continued in the ways of the first King, leading the nation away from God. He's the prototype and the mystery behind Barack Obama. Obama came suddenly onto the national stage in the Democratic Convention of 2004 and was sworn into his first national office in January 2005. He left office in January 2017, which was 12 years. The ancient King, his prototype, was also on the national stage for 12 years (2 Kings 3:1).

  • Joining that ancient King in the palace was the former queen. And joining Barak Obama in the White House was the former first lady, Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State.

The Rise of Jehu

"Then comes a change in the biblical template," Cahn said, "the rise of an unlikely man who's going to be the prototype behind Donald Trump. His name is Jehu. Jehu is different from the others. He's not a politician. He's not of the Royal House. He's a fighter—so is Trump. Jehu is wild, impetuous, unpredictable—so is Trump.

"Jehu comes to power in the 12th year of the previous King's reign, the prototype of Barack Obama. So, Trump rises to power in the 12th year of Obama's time on the national stage, specifically January 2017, the time of his inauguration. Then came a showdown. Jehu [Trump's prototype] versus the nation's former First Lady, the former queen. So there also came a showdown in America, Trump versus the nation's former first lady, Hillary Clinton.

Cahn recalls how it looked as if Clinton would win the election. "But The Paradigm says that when the two come head-to-head, the queen, the former First Lady will fall and Jehu the warrior will prevail. And that's exactly what happened."

Cahn continues, "When Jehu came to the Capitol to reign, he had an agenda to drain the swamp. He cut off state support against the worship of Baal, which means he opposed the killing of children. So too, Trump came to the capitol city with the agenda to drain the swamp. He opposed and sought to cut off state support for the killing of children through abortion.

"The reign of Jehu represented a reprieve, a holding back of the forces that were impelling the nation's apostasy and fall from God," said Cahn. "And that is the significance of the presidency of Donald Trump—t's not about Donald Trump any more than it's about Jehu. It's to hold back the forces impelling America's fall from God."

America's Present-Day Temple of Baal

Cahn continued, "When Jehu can to the capital city, he destroyed the Temple of Baal (2 Kings 10:27). So as Jehu rises, the Temple of Baal falls.

"The American Jehu—Donald Trump—began his rise in the summer of 2015 when he declared his candidacy. Now it turns out, there has actually existed an ancient temple of Baal in Palmyra, Syria, surviving 2000 years of world history. Two months after Trump began his rise, that ancient temple of Baal in Syria fell."

Cahn went on to explain more about how the mystery of the paradigm takes us to the present day. "I've never shared this before," he said. "In the days of Jehu, the temple of Baal was in the nation's capital city—its capital temple. Could there also be a building in America that would answer to it? We don't have national temples as such—except one. We have one building that's literally called 'America's Temple.' It stands in the nation's capital and is called the Capitol Building. It's the Temple of the American Republic.

"In its very halls is a quote, spoken soon after the Capitol Building was completed. It says this, 'We have built no national temples but the Capitol.' In other words, the Capitol building is America's national temple ... the temple of democracy, a secular temple. Not only that, but it was modeled after the temples of the ancient world, the ancient pagan temples of Greece and Rome, and particularly the Roman Pantheon, the temple of all gods."

Cahn said the Capitol building isn't by nature pagan, although its architecture is. "What matters, he said, "is what goes on inside. What happens inside a nation's temple when the nation turns away from God? What took place in the ancient temple of Baal? Prayers were lifted up to a pagan god.

"Now in America's Capitol Building, prayers are traditionally lifted up to God, the God of the Bible. But on Monday, January 4, the inaugural working session of the new Congress of the new year, there was offered up a prayer. When I wrote The Paradigm, I actually mentioned the name of the man who lifted up that prayer. He sanctified the new Congress in the name of a God that he called Brahma."

Cahn explained that Brahma is not the name of the God of Scripture; it is the four-faced god of Hinduism—a pagan god. "So in 2021," Cahn said, "the new Congress was opened up in the name of a pagan god – a prayer to a pagan god is what takes place in a pagan temple."

One More Piece of the Puzzle

Cahn notes that the worship of Baal involved sexual immorality, the persecution of God's people, and the sacrificing of children. The same week that Congress was consecrated on Capitol Hill in the name of Brahma a pagan god, something else took place as the Democratic Party took over the government, the White House and the Capitol.

"It came to power bearing the most radical anti-biblical agenda in the history of America," says Cahn, "an agenda that, as in the temple of Baal, contained sexual immorality, the oppression of God's people, the encroaching of religious liberty in the form of the Equality Act and other legislations, and the killing of the unborn as it had never been championed before."

Cahn points out that in proposing the striking down of the Hyde Amendment, now every American would become complicit in the act of murdering the unborn. "All of its hands would be covered with blood," he says. "The American government virtually became a representative of Planned Parenthood, the modern-day priests of Baal."

In the ancient biblical template, the people of Jehu lay siege to the nation's temple in the capital city. On January 6, supporters of President Trump came to the nation's capital and laid siege to the American temple, the Capitol building. At the end of that week, the Washington D.C. police announced they had arrested 80 people linked to the event. I the Book of 2 Kings, the number of Jehu's men who laid siege to the capitol Temple is given at 80 men.

"We are now in a new day," Cahn reveals. "These are the days of the reign of Baal. The agenda of Baal has taken control the nation's government—Baal's agenda concerning the blood of the children, the forces of abortion; Baal's agenda concerning sexual immorality; Baal's agenda of war against the ways of God and His people, the war against religious liberty; and Baal's acceleration of the nation's apostasy."

But Cahn ends the video with instructions for Christians, and how to not only survive, but thrive in these turbulent times.

"So, what must we do?" he questioned. "What must you do? If these are the days of Baal, then these must also become the days of Elijah. We must become more and more like Elijah: uncompromised, untainted, undefiled, entangled with the world—separate from the world, yet a light unto the world.

"We must become more single minded, rooting out all compromise and all fear of man --more pure, more focused, more set apart; stronger, bolder, less wavering, and more absolute. We must proclaim the truth to a civilization—to a culture, to a nation—that rejects it, and yet needs it all the more. Never retreating, but always advancing, proclaiming the gospel of Messiah, the salvation of our God."

For more detailed revelations check out Cahn's books, The Paradigm and The Harbinger II

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