What Does Jezebel Have to Do With the Democratic Party Becoming More Ungodly?

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Last week alone, through Democrat-driven calls for impeachment and a Democrat-led committee attempting to strip pro-family organizations of their nonprofit status, a demonization within the party is evident, says author and national radio host Dr. Michael Brown.

"There is no question about it," says Brown, the author of the popular new book, Jezebel's War With America: The Plot to Destroy Our Country and What We Can Do to Turn the Tide. "There is not even a desire to hide it. The Democratic Party continues to grow spiritually darker to the point of actually proclaiming itself the party of the religiously non-affiliated."

But is this any surprise?

After all, back in 2012, Brown notes, the Washington Post reported that the Democrats were under fire for removing "God" from their national platform. This was not missed by Paul Ryan, then a Republican presidential candidate, who stated on Fox News, "I guess I would just put the onus and the burden on them to explain why they did all this, these purges of God."

And was it a coincidence, Brown asks, that the same year, the Democrats also failed to affirm Jerusalem as Israel's capital?

He continued: "To put this in perspective, the Post observed that, 'God is mentioned 12 times in the 2012 GOP platform. The 2008 Democratic platform made one reference to God: the "God-given potential" of working people. The 2004 platform had numerous references to God.' How times have changed."

How is Brown's new book linked to this demonization of the Democrat Party? He details in Jezebel's War With America that this evil queen was an idol worshiper and murderer who intimidated people by fear. Her spirit is at work today, through radical feminism coupled with the extreme pro-abortion movement, a fascination with witchcraft and sorcery, along with other spiritual and cultural forces in an attempt destroy America. Brown's eye-opening book not only unveils a satanic plot, beginning with an all-out assault on the church, but it will equip every believer with tools to defeat the enemy in their own personal lives as well as in the nation.

These "attempts to destroy America" align perfectly with the Democrat agenda.

Brown further notes: "Two years ago, in 2017, Selena Zito claimed in the New York Post that, 'The Democratic Party has a God problem.' Remembering what happened in 2012, when it was widely reported that the Democrats booed God during the platform hearings, Zito argued that the Democrats have since 'pushed away religious voters not simply by ignoring them but by actively repelling them with accusations of bigotry and backwardness.' And, this writer added, 'Unless they change that, Democrats haven't got a prayer of solving their God problem.' As of today, I wouldn't be holding my breath."

For example, in addition to the examples of just last week, the DNC recently issued a resolution stating that "religiously unaffiliated Americans overwhelmingly share the Democratic Party's values, with 70% voting for Democrats in 2018, 80% supporting same-sex marriage, and 61% saying immigrants make American society stronger."

"Yes, the Democratic Party is the party of the religiously unaffiliated, and this is now seen as something to celebrate," Brown said. "'If you have no religious affiliation, we're the party for you!' Not surprisingly, this fairly substantial group, which is growing by the year, holds to strongly liberal social views, especially when it comes to abortion and same-sex marriage. And this, in particular, is something praised by the Democrats. 'If you support LGBT activism and stand for abortion, we're the party for you!'"

As noted by a Pew Forum poll, "About three-quarters of white evangelical Protestants (77%) think abortion should be illegal in all or most cases. By contrast, 83% of religiously unaffiliated Americans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases ..."

"This is a strikingly high number: 83%," Brown said. "It looks like lack of religious affiliation deeply affects one's views of the sanctity of life, beginning in the womb."

The DNC resolution further states that "the non-religious have often been subjected to unfair bias and exclusion in American society, particularly in the areas of politics and policymaking where assumptions of religiosity have long predominated."

"This, of course, is ironic," Brown said, "since there has been an increasing attack on religious beliefs in America in recent decades, from the courts to the universities and beyond. Are the non-religious really being 'subjected to unfair bias and exclusion in American society, particularly in the areas of politics and policymaking?'

"It is good strategy for the Democrats to make such an explicit appeal to this substantial voting bloc," he added. "And it appears that the values of the religiously non-affiliated are much closer to the those of the DNC than the RNC. And, without question, there is some hypocrisy among those of us on the conservative evangelical side, which the DNC wants to highlight. But it is still quite enlightening to see how lack of religious affiliation, which does not theoretically mean lack of faith but simply lack of affiliation, does impact one's worldview, as it appears that lack of religious affiliation means lack of connection to biblical mores.

"What is undeniable, though, is this. The militantly pro-abortion, pro-LGBT activism party is the party of those without religious affiliation. This makes perfect sense."

Dr. Michael L. Brown is founder and president of AskDrBrown Ministries and president of FIRE School of Ministry. The author of more than 35 books, including Saving a Sick America (2017), he is also the host of the nationally syndicated daily talk radio show "The Line of Fire," as well as the host of shows on GOD TV, NRBTV and METV. His syndicated columns appear on many leading websites, and his scholarly publications range from biblical commentaries to articles in Semitic journals and theological dictionaries. He has served as an adjunct or visiting professor at seven leading seminaries and has debated gay activists, agnostic professors and Orthodox rabbis on university campuses.

Jezebel's War With America by Dr. Michael L. Brown is released by FrontLine, an imprint of Charisma House, which publishes books that challenge, encourage, teach and equip Christians.

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