Four characters gather in the baptismal during a recent episode of 'Crashing.'
Four characters gather in the baptismal during a recent episode of 'Crashing.' (MRC Newsbusters)

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While Sunday's episode of HBO's Crashing, "The Baptism," had its fair share of Christian-bashing, it also offered some positive Christian messages.

When Christian Pete Holmes and his non-religious friend Artie attend the baptism of one of Pete's friends, Artie immediately likens the group of Christians to members of a cult. Predictably, the show portrays the Church members as goofy squares, to which Artie remarks, "Dude, I'm freaking out. When do they bring out the Nikes and Kool-Aid? After the service or before?"

However, Artie meets a woman, Stephanie, who responds to his lack of faith by asking, "Look around. Who made all this? You think that just happened?" The two spend the rest of the episode in silly yet sincere conversation about the existence of God.

Additionally, during the baptism, the pastor performing the service announces, "We all need forgiveness. We all need redemption. We all need to come home, right? That's what this is about. All of us stray from the path sometimes." The message clearly resonates with some of the characters, including Pete's adulterous ex-wife, Jess.

After hearing the pastor talk about God's forgiveness, she runs to the water and demands to be baptized so she can "come home." The man she cheated on Pete with, Leif, chases after her, telling her that she doesn't need God. Although Leif mocks the pastor and service, the scene at least pokes some fun at the crazy hippy language that is not too far off from some of the beliefs people hold today.

Leif: Baby, you don't need God. You just need me. 

Pastor: Sir. What are you doing? This is very inappropriate. You need to get out of the pool. 

Leif: I can't. Sweetheart, I love you so much. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry! I get this, though. This is a cool ceremony. Congratulations. Jess! I love you, I need you, and I want us to just go home. That's what I want. I want to go home. You don't need God. You're God, and I'm God. God is love, and together, we make God. Let's go home and make some God. We can do it as God. 

Pastor: Okay, none of that is true, and most of it didn't make any sense.

Leif: How do you know, Officer?

Pastor: Officer? I'm a pastor. 

Leif: So am I.

Pastor: Really? Of what? 

Leif: Pastor of life.

Despite the silliness, while Pete and Leif both beg her to take them back, Jess finally decides, "I choose Jesus." Later, while Pete bemoans his lack of job, money or place to live, Jess tells him, "God will provide a way, Peter. He always does."

This isn't the first time that Crashing promoted a Christian message. In the premiere episode, Pete tells Artie after they were almost robbed that he knew God would protect them.

While not the best portrayal of Christianity, this show is better than the usual hateful Christian-bashing that comes from liberal networks like HBO.

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