Activist Mommy Elizabeth Johnston
Activist Mommy Elizabeth Johnston (Facebook)

Facebook backpedaled after shuttering activist and Christian homeschool mom Elizabeth Johnston's account for posting a Bible verse.  

"Where have I been? I was banned from Facebook for 3 days because I quoted what the Bible says about homosexuality," she shared on her "Activist Mommy" page. "Facebook is now censoring Christian speech! Facebook allows the most vile speech and photos yet censors Christian speech and the Bible. I'm out of 'Facebook jail' for now, but the threat to delete my page if I continue to speak on this is still very real. I will not be intimidated. You can physically place me in jail for all I care...I will not be silenced. You can read what I wrote below, which Facebook deleted. Let's see if this post gets deleted. Please share far and wide with the hashtag #FacebookCensorsBible #Censorship #biblecensorship #christiancensorship #Facebookcensorship."

The media giant later apologized, saying the temporary freezeout was a mistake.  

Johnston says the post in question was more than 6 months old at the time Facebook banned it.  

Her censored post quoted Leviticus, which calls homosexuality an abomination and detestable.  

Once Johnston's page was restored, she says she was banned again for calling out Facebook for its liberal bias.  

Though Facebook has since apologized, it appears Johnston's battle is far from over. Shortly after Facebook's apology, she says reports began to flow in that some forms of censorship were still occurring. 

"I am gathering evidence," Johnston wrote Feb. 23. "Please send me any information or screenshots or explanations you have to show me how my Activist Mommy page is being censored. One person told me my videos had no share buttons on them while everyone else's do. Another woman just told me nothing happens when she clicks share on my posts, while she can share other people's posts (angry emojis). I realize some of you can still share my posts, but FB may be able to control the amount of sharing. Somethin's smelling rotten to me! (Sick emoji) This is a national news story right now. It's time to lift the skirt on this biased social media censorship! Help me by sharing and praying!! #ActivistMommy #censorship #BibleNotHateSpeech."

Jessilyn Justice @jessilynjustice is the director of online news for Charisma.

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