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Gay Pride parade

Christian Support Divided Over Anti-Gay Pride Parade


A city councilman in Brazil is paving the way for heterosexuals to stand against excessive gay rights with the nation’s first Heterosexual Pride Day. But some Christian ministries that work with gays think this so-called Straight Pride Day sends a divisive message. Carlos Apolinário’s legislation proposes to celebrate heterosexual pride on the third Sunday of December. […]


‘Chrislam’ Rising


Communities across the nation are taking Christianity and Islam—two diametrically opposed theologies—and working to blend them together. “Chrislam, as the name suggests, is a growing movement wherein some Christians are seeking to find common ground with Muslims,” explains theologian Bill Muehlenberg of the doctrine that began in Nigeria in the 1980s. “Indeed, it actually seeks

India police beat converts

Police Detain, Beat Converts from Islam in India


Police in India’s Kashmir Valley detained and beat converts from Islam and were expected to arrest Christian workers after Muslim leaders alleged that Muslim youth were being “lured” to Christianity. Police in the Muslim-majority Kashmir Valley picked up seven converts who were recently baptized in All Saints Church in Srinagar, a local Christian, who spoke

Jerry Lewis, telethon

Should Telethons Be Re-run?


TV telethons have become a staple of Christian broadcasting networks. Nearly all non-commercial networks do them, and they’re a key way to motivate viewers to support their programming. I’m not against telethons, and I’m wide open to any good idea what will help finance better programming. After all, everyone from causes like Muscular Dystrophy, to Public Broadcasting does them

Franklin Graham, India

The Spirit of God Descends on India


“The whole stadium is filled with the spirit of God—you can feel God in this place.” As the Rev. Mohan Babu welcomed the crowd to the first night of the Hyderabad Festival with Franklin Graham, the pastor’s words proved to be prophetic. The Holy Spirit stirred the hearts of 1,240 who responded to the Gospel

TheCall Detroit

Detroit Mosques See TheCall Prayer Movement as Threat


Lou Engle and thousands of prayer warriors will gather together at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions, on Friday as part of TheCall, a 24-hour Christian prayer movement. But the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, is making a call of its own. Dawud Walid, executive director of CAIR’s Michigan chapter, is calling on

Greg Surratt

So Which Party Was Jesus For, Again?


Every so often I will notice an unusual number of politicians showing up in our church services. It’s kind of like an annual revival, except that it only happens in the months leading up to November in an election year. Some want to use it as a photo opportunity. (One year a candidate brought some

Texas Pastor Promotes ‘Jesus Ween’ as Halloween Alternative


The world celebrates Halloween with witches, ghosts and goblins, but one Texas pastor is working to put the Holy Ghost back in the pagan holiday. Indeed, Texas pastor Paul Ade is playing up the supernatural in a much different way by promoting “Jesus Ween,” a faith-based alternative to Halloween. “We have chosen to use the

Dr. Dan Yachter

Florida Doctor Organizes 5K Run for Human Trafficking Awareness


Dr. Dan Yachter has always advocated getting to the root cause of disease, not just treating the symptoms. Now, the chiropractor and public speaker on holistic health is taking the same approach to the human trafficking epidemic. On Oct. 22, the Florida-based doctor is sponsoring a 5K walk/run to fight human trafficking, a crime that

Joel Osteen

Osteen Willing to Vote for Candidate of Different Faith


For televangelist Joel Osteen, faith isn’t the primary determinant when it comes to voting for a president. Appearing Tuesday night on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, the Lakewood Church pastor said he would have no problem voting for a presidential candidate who holds a different set of beliefs than his own—and that includes Mormon Republican candidate

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Messianic Pastor Seeks Truth in Middle East Conflict


The pastor of Jerusalem’s largest Messianic congregation says the truth about the Palestinian Authority’s recent push for statehood isn’t being told—and he intends to change that. Wayne Hilsden, senior pastor of King of Kings Community, says most Palestinian Israelis living in Jerusalem would rather remain under the current Israeli government’s jurisdiction than a newly recognized

VIDEO: Petition to Remove Anti-Homosexual Billboards


Billboards erected in the Toledo area displaying the message, “Being gay is NOT a gift from God,” are gaining attention. Watch the video below to see why some groups are demanding the billboards get taken down—and why the pastor of the church responsible refuses.

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