Texas Pastor Promotes ‘Jesus Ween’ as Halloween Alternative


The world celebrates Halloween with witches, ghosts and goblins, but one Texas pastor is working to put the Holy Ghost back in the pagan holiday.

Indeed, Texas pastor Paul Ade is playing up the supernatural in a much different way by promoting “Jesus Ween,” a faith-based alternative to Halloween.

“We have chosen to use the only day in most countries that individuals are allowed to solicit, interact and exchange gifts without breaking the law,” the group explained in a statement. “It’s a day to give out Christian gifts, just as God gave us Jesus.”

Halloween celebrates ungodly images and evil characters. But JesusWeen.com explains the meaning of ween. “The dictionary meaning of ween is to expect, believe or think. We therefore see Oct. 31 as a day to expect a salvation gift or re-think receiving Jesus.”

Ade is working to encourage Christians all over the world to set aside Halloween for evangelism. His suggestions: Christians should dress in white, rather than wearing costumes. The white attire symbolizes the righteousness of God as participants knock on doors to share God’s love. The group also suggests replacing sugar with Scripture. Pocket-size Bibles, Christian music CDs and tracts are among the Christian gifts Jesus Ween suggests.

Finally, the group’s Facebook page proposes that the money normally used to buy Halloween costumes can be given to ministries that print Christian books to help the unsaved or give such funds to help the poor. Jesus Ween’s website offers links and resources to help individuals, groups and churches conduct effective Christian outreach. JesusWeen.com even links visitors to a site that provides Bibles for less than $2.

Although the group inspires all cities and countries to engage in what they are also calling “World Evangelism Day,” they have a goal to significantly impact the areas of Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Maryland, Houston, Dallas and London.

“Halloween is not consistent with the Christian faith,” says Ade. “Many people say they feel uncomfortable on that day. We think people should choose an alternative activity.”

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